lørdag 6. februar 2016

Review Angel Card Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Hello Tarot angels and I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend

I want to do a review of one of the decks I got in the mail few days ago and that is Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue who is a an American author and a "folk psychology motivational speaker". She is the founder of Angel Therapy, a type of New Age therapy based "on the premise that communicating with angels is the key to healing (from wikipedia) and Radleigh Valentine is a professional intuitive, speaker, author, spiritual advisor, and a recovering Certified Public Accountant (from radleighvalentine.com). The artwork is done by Steve A. Roberts who is an international fantasy artist. 

This tarot deck comes in a beautiful solid and durable box. Usually it come with a little booklet where it contains few words of the cards and often the booklet has several languages. BUT what Doreen and Radleigh have done is to include a guidebook on 135 pages. In this book they give you tips how to energize your cards, they give you a spread called the celtic cross and how you read it, as well as meaning of this card.

I found a clip of an interview with Doreen and Radleigh on YouTube that I will include in the end of this blog post. In that clip Doreen was explaining why she wanted to create a new tarot deck, she found herself uncomfortable with some of the cards so she removed them ended up with a deck with nine cards an that was one of the reasons she wanted to create a tarot deck was positive, up lifting with beautiful art.

I haven't felt any uncomfort with curtain cards or suits, but I do feel uncomfort towards a complete deck. I will write a blog post on this on a later time.

What she also did was rename some of the cards she was uncomfortable like for instance card number 0 - the fool has been renamed the dreamer, number 5 - the hierophant has been renamed to unity, the number 12 - The hanged man is awakening in Doreen's deck, the number 13 - Death has morphed into release, card 14 - Temperance is now balance, Tarot number 15 has become Ego and the judgement card has become renewal.

This deck of tarot also have different colour, like the major arcane has a deep purple color. The suit of
Earth (The Penticles) is green, like the earth and nature is green. The Penicles is often about finance and money and many associate that with the color green. The suit of Air (the Wands) have a dark bluish color.......... The suit of Water (the Cups) has an ocean blue colour and the last suit of Fire (the Swords) has a red color and what I connect with that is power, courage, fight for what you want, hang in there and you will get through it.

For those who don't have one of Doreen's decks, I can tell you that this is a bad ass deck! It is HUGE
cards. I can't shuffle all of them one go and I have medium to large hands for a woman. It reminds me of oracle cards. One other thing that I noticed is that the sides of these cards has this silver shine to it and it go so well with this deck. The picture on the right is the Sharman-Caselli Tarot deck (a review of this deck will be posted next few days) which is a more or less a stadard size of a tarot deck.

Each card has a written meaning that can be at help especially if you are a beginner at tarot and every card in the major arcana has an arch angel. Arch Angel Michael is presented two or three cards like the card number 21 - The World - in the major arcana is the same artwork that is on the back of the cards. Every time I spend time these angel cards I find something new and I learn something new. I have noticed I grab this deck more than other deck I own. 

I will end this post with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and before I start rambling about all kind of things that hasn't nothing to with this blog post.

Blessed be,

P.S.. DISCLAIMER: I have bought this tarot with my own money or I don't get paid to post this review!

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