Viser innlegg fra mars, 2017

BR Arwen's #tarottag15

Hello  Lovly and merry meet,

How are you all doing? I hope you are doing weel and you had a great Ostara:)
So what's on the table today? It is another tarot tag and I am a sucker to tarot tags :)
The lovley Arwen put together 15 great tarot questions. You can find Arwen's tarot tag here

What is your current favourite deck?-I have two decks that I love right now. The first one is Sharman Caselli and it is because I finally cracked the some of the tarot codes with it and the second is the Illuminati tarot.<--- This blew my mind.. I am not a fan of computerized images, but it speaks so well with me and so “loud”   2. What Tarot card do you think stands for who you are now? - I am the hermit in that sense I am in my “personal cave” and I take some time out.I am seeking answers. I get these periods in my life that I need to be alone and when I have these moments it can go from some days till few months. I always question myself: Am I on the right path? Is this right for me?