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BR Arwen's #tarottag15

Hello  Lovly and merry meet,

How are you all doing? I hope you are doing weel and you had a great Ostara:)
So what's on the table today? It is another tarot tag and I am a sucker to tarot tags :)
The lovley Arwen put together 15 great tarot questions. You can find Arwen's tarot tag here

  1. What is your current favourite deck?
-         I have two decks that I love right now. The first one is Sharman Caselli and it is because I finally cracked the some of the tarot codes with it and the second is the Illuminati tarot.<--- This blew my mind.. I am not a fan of computerized images, but it speaks so well with me and so “loud” 
Sharman-Caselli Tarot
 2. What Tarot card do you think stands for who you are now?
- I am the hermit in that sense I am in my “personal cave” and I take some time out.I am seeking answers. I get these periods in my life that I need to be alone and when I have these moments it can go from some days till few months. I always question myself: Am I on the right path? Is this right for me?

3. What Tarot card do you think stands for who you want to be?
- I want to be all of the Queens. I want to be 100% in tune with the elements of my life. I want to have the nuture towards other as well as my self, Care for alle earthly being around me like Queen of the Pentacles, I want to be in tune with my feelings, have a lot of experience and wisdom like the Queen of Cups, I want to be a master of communications in all levels of my life, I want to speak on the behalf of others who can't speak for themself like the Queen of the Swords and I want to be the hostess with the mostess :) I want to be transform myself when other least expect it and bring the best in others like the Queen of the Wands.

Illuminati tarot
4. Draw a Tarot card and tell us how it answers the question, "What does the Universe want you to know right now?"
-         I got the Star, the universe want me know that I need to heal, renew myself and the way to do that is limitless. You may be in the dark now, but know this: it is a light in the end of the tunnel. The shadow card (the last card in the deck) shows me that it is celebration down the road, I will have a feeling of being blessed, I will find new friendships, new work partners Hey - Life is a party!! All I must remember is that everyday can not be a party. I must show up and do the work,

 5. Do you have any cards that you MUST love in order to work with a Tarot deck?
-         It may sound a bit morbid, but it has to be death, devil, the tower and the moon just to name a few.

6. Why Tarot and not some other divination system?
- I am in love with tarot and I can’t see myself do something else. I also do Runes and Oracle/Lenormand readings as well.

7. What's the first book you can remember reading about Tarot (other than the LWB [Little White Book]?
-         I don’t have a lot of tarot books, but when I started out I had a book about tarot, “tarot” by Jane Lyle when I started to read tarot. Since then I have bought Tarot for dummies, Holistic tarot, the Tarot Bible and a few more on my wishlist

8. What Tarot person would you like to sit down with for a chat about Tarot?
- Hmmm, there are so many people I want to have a chat about tarot, dead or alive. I would love to involved in tarot workshops or gatherings. I am loving the idea to sit down and talk tarot with other tarot readers over a glass of wine or tea :)

9. Tell me about one YouTube Tarot channel that you watch (and why.)
-         I do watch a lot of tarot channels, but just name a few: Tarot by Arwen, Ethony, Tarot by Ania, Sacred seed, Biddy tarot, John Ballantrae, Kelly-Ann Maddox

10. How many Tarot decks do you have?
-         I have around 20, 10 Oracle decks including the Lenormand, so close to 30 all together.

11. Do you mix oracles and Tarot when you read?
-         Yes I do… Not every time, but I do it time to time.

12. Have you ever created your own Tarot card or deck?
-         No, but I want to some day in the future. I found a site that makes playing cards and they also make tarot. I have gathered all the Major Arcana

13. Do you read for yourself?
- I do read for myself, but I must say that I find it a bit difficult to read for myself rather than reading for others. 

14. What are your favorite questions to be asked when you do a reading for someone else?
-         I love questions that people want to better themselves and I cringe when I get those fortune-teller (I hate that word) questions like:
  • Will he/she come back to me – what was the status between you when you broke up? Angry? Enemies? If the relationship was so bad, so why do you want to get back together? If everything was ok, why break up?
  • Am I pregnant – take a pregnancy test 
  • will I be rich – Only if save your money, do smart investments and don’t overspend your money
  • Will he divorce his wife – No he won’t, why do you want to be together with a cheater? What he has done with you – he can do to you!! 98% (don’t quote me on this) never leave their wives.
15. What's the craziest thing that's happened to you during a reading?
- One of the “craziest” I experienced is when I did a reading for myself in 2002.
One turning point for me was that I put down a six month spread and I don't remember what cards I got, but I do remember I got the death card (It doesn't mean a physical death, but a transformation - a door closes and another opens) and I put away the card and forgot all about it really, between 3 to 6 weeks later my mom passed away. Did I read this in the cards? No, I still don't. Because my mom had terminal cancer and she was in her last stage. BUT my reaction was about the timeline of it all.

 That's it for my blogpost for today and I will see in my my blog post :) Take care of yourself and you loved ones:)

Love and merry see :)


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