Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2016

Pagan Challenge week 1 - How did I find my path


Happy Samhain/All Hollows Eve/ Halloween everybody. We can soon say goodbye to October say hello to November.

I know I am very late to the party... again :) I want to participate in the Pagan Challenge, It is really an YouTube challenge, but I want to do my take on it through my blog :)
This YouTube challenge was started by Annika AKA The Sea Priestess on YouTube and you can find her vlog here

So week 1 is: How did you find your path?

I can't pinpoint something and say that this when I was find my path. From a young age I always had a feeling of not fitting in and I was always searching for something without knowing what I was searching for. I think it alwys have been a lifelong process.
I was brought up in a non religious household. We went to church only when it was a wedding, confirmation, baptism, funerals and such.. So we didn't go to church all that often ;)

When I think back I always had an altar without knowing it an altar. I had candles and things that was impor…

Christian Cash Cow

Hello lovely souls :)

How are you doing tonight? I hope you are doing well. I felt I have to speak out about christianity cash cows.
This blog post may be all over the place, but I wanted to get this out of my chest.

First of all I want to give you a DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT BASHING CHRISTIANITY!!!!!! 
I am not bashing christianity as a faith/belief becuse I think that Christianity is a great faith (although it is not for me) but I question those people behind the scenes and make money out of christianity. 
I have seen few of these documetaries and all I write here is my opinions and my opinions alone, what I have seen and what I have been experienced.

Today I saw a documentary about Jan Hanvold and his work at Visjon-Norge (Vision-Norway) - What kind of work they do to make this work. I am not bashing Jan Hanvold as a person, but since he has been in the news for the last few days I am going to take him as a example.
I want to say that I haven't met Jan Hanvold and he seems a like…

30 questions Halloween tag


I wanted to try something fun today and that is 30 questions Halloween tag that Kelly Bear started and you you can find her vlog here

1. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?
- That has to be Tim Curry's Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building.
-Why Would I be in an abandoned building or a dark forrest in the first place

3. Have you ever played with a Ouija Board?
 - No, I haven't. Tempted though.

4. Favourite horror monster or villain?
 - I don't watch monster movies, not because I scared, but I dream about it at night - I like the Gremlins :) And as the villain is the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood

5. The creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?
- Lot of things happend when I was alone, but one time I was home alone (I was 15/16 and still living with my parents) and just gone to bed and I was reading a magazine when I suddenly heard…