torsdag 27. oktober 2016

Christian Cash Cow

Hello lovely souls :)

How are you doing tonight? I hope you are doing well. I felt I have to speak out about christianity cash cows.
This blog post may be all over the place, but I wanted to get this out of my chest.

First of all I want to give you a DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT BASHING CHRISTIANITY!!!!!! 
I am not bashing christianity as a faith/belief becuse I think that Christianity is a great faith (although it is not for me) but I question those people behind the scenes and make money out of christianity. 
I have seen few of these documetaries and all I write here is my opinions and my opinions alone, what I have seen and what I have been experienced.

Today I saw a documentary about Jan Hanvold and his work at Visjon-Norge (Vision-Norway) - What kind of work they do to make this work. I am not bashing Jan Hanvold as a person, but since he has been in the news for the last few days I am going to take him as a example.
I want to say that I haven't met Jan Hanvold and he seems a like a nice guy, but I am not agreeing with his point of views.

One of his quotes is: Money is a sign of success. God wants us to have success -
The statement right there goes against what religion stands for. For me the church represents themselves as greedy which happends to be one of the 7 deadly sins...isn't that ironic?
One of the reasons I am reacting to this is because they using religion as cash cow and your belief has a price tag. They are using fear to get money from you and they don't care about you because you are their cash cows.
I believe it is wrong to connect money with religion, I don't want any one say to me, give us money and you will be saved and come to heaven. But it is not only once, they always comes back for more money.

Every night they they are on tv and say need more volunteers to pay a fee that he calls a seed and when he/them shares spiritual truths with you are you according to the bible guilty to serve them the reasonable amount.
So here you are given them money because you need with a problem/situation and you have faith and waiting a miracle to happend. When nothing happends you get sad because you had high hopes and they turns to you, saying it is your own fault when it didn't happend and say that you didn't paid enough or you didn't had enough faith <----- This statement wasn't said in the show, but I have heard that in general debates, TVshows and discussions.

 There was also a statement in there I reacted on and that is a  woman who said some one had stand up and tell the truth.. She was ranting on about gay marriages, kids who wanted to change sex (I am NOT debating that because it is not place to do so), but the last thing she said was:It is said that Islam is regarded as the religion of peace, but anyone who pay attention knows that if you read a bit too much in the Koran and adopt those values will not be peaceful and end up as fundalmentalists. I took that if you read the Koran you will end up as exstremist. Some has done that and others will do that, BUT first we must sweap in front of our own door because we have few knucleheads in our own pile (I guess there is a rotten apple in every religion).

In this documentary there was a lady who one of the givers to the church (jan Hanvold called it partners) was telling us that she was one of the elderly in this country who felt lonely after her huband passed away after 58 years of marriage and Visjon-Norge saved her. Without them the life isn't worth living although she has her children.
They also interviewed  a lady who is a former "partner" and she was speaking about she started to feel sad after a while because she gave them money and was told to touch the tv screen and big things will happend and nothing. If she wanted to see other TV shows she felt bad because it was/is concidered to be a bad thing.

The way I see it they play it on your conscience and exploit your self esteem to get money from you is so wrong in so many levels, 
 I am going now because if I start to repeat myself it will get boring real quick

I want to end this blogpost with a video by Jessie J with Price tag

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