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First time I heard of the word Tarot I don't remember how old I was, but I could be something between 8 to 12 years old from a cousin of mine who was angry at this reader.

The story behind this was a friend who visited this reader who told him that he wouldn't see his 25th Birthday and he died in a car crash on his 25th Birthday.

I remember thinking: Can you see this from some cards? I want to see these cards and I want to learn these cards.

This was pre-computer age so I couldn't look online, I didn't know of any stores which had tarot and so on. The word tarot got stuck in back of my head for several years.

When I was in my early/mid 20's, I did stumble across the "tarot" by Jane Lyle and no name brand Tarot deck which was sold as a set. The tarot deck was copy of the Raider Waite deck. I bought it and started to study tarot.. Optimistic, no decipline, no structure and so on :)

I see now what the problem was, but at the time I became more and more confused because I couldn't remember the meaning of the cards, like a lot of books it had some spreads and it was "The Gypsy" which has 21 cards, the classics "the Celtic Cross", "Tree of Life" and "The horseshoe". I started with the Gypsy spread... I know, FAILURE!

For some reason I thought that I couldn't read tarot since I didn't remember the meanings, I know now that was wrong because this Raider Waite deck wasn't for me, here I am almost 20 years later I still don't get Raider Waite.

One turning point for me was that I put down a six month spread and I don't remember what cards I got, but I do remember I got the death card (It doesn't mean a physical death, but a transformation - a door closes and another opens) and I put away the card and forgot all about it really, between 3 to 6 weeks later my mom passed away. Did I read this in the cards? No, I still don't. Because my mom had terminal cancer and she was in her last stage. BUT my reaction was the timeline of it all.
I did spreads and kept up with the reading, but not as often as earlier - Suddenly I experienced a a card disappeared, and another and another.. When I was missing 10 cards I thought F****K it. Then I used tarot deck in art and book marks. I didn't buy another deck because I didn't think I could learn.
I still watched documentaries, read what I came over and did my study's.

In December 2014 I came across Anne Stoke's Gothic tarot and I bought my first deck in 20 years.. It really took off... I bought decks (I even bought couple of Raider Waite - Which I to gifted one to a friend of mine :) )and books and it really open a new and a wonderful world for me :)
In my case all I needed was change the deck

Happy Easter/Ostara

Hello Sun children and merry meet How are you all doing and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter or Happy Ostara in the northern hemisph...