onsdag 1. februar 2017

TarotBlogHop - Aces are the beginning of the suits as seeds are the beginning of the plant

Hello beautiful souls

Welcom to my blog and this blogpost is in a Tarot Blog Hop and this is my first entry and that alone goes well with the title, that was given to us by the wonderful Arwen Lynch, don't you think?


This month, more correctly today...it has a lot new beginnings.
We need a new beginning because 2016 was rough for many of us for so many reason including myself, but we just have to make the best it with what we got. A lot of great people passed away, a lot horrible things happend in the world. Although it also was a lot of good stuff as well. I believe that 2017 will be our year, I really do.. I have high hopes for this year :)

Today is Imbolc - the beginning of spring - we are in the middle of winter solstice and spring equinox.
It is a beautiful season because nature comes to life and flowers will start to bloom again, the birds will return from the "tropical places" in couple of months, the sun will come through a lot more and the temp will rise accordingly to the months. I am looking forward to the point I can take out our summer furnitures and sit ouside and sunbath and stock up on vitamin D's. Cool drinks at watch the sun set without it getting dark... wonderful.

This is my personal body guard, Nico
I have taken my step into my path as a Pagan and I thought I would go into nature and I would take my tarot deck with me and my personal ceremony, but I changed my mind :) While I was walking Nico, my personal body guard and I was freezing the whole walk...

Here in Kristiansund, Norway, it is 0 C (32 F).. Nothing about that temp reminds me of spring... not with a long shot .. :)The mountains around here still have a lot snow .. brrr

 There is also a a new "beginning" for one of our budgie as well, He has given himself a "cage arrest" because he lost few of his key feathers, the result of that one morning he was about to take his normal flying rout, but he ended straight down to the floor.. The cat had a kick out it, but he didn't see any humour in it... Today he was back to normal again. The cat? Can't be bothered now :)

I put down my 3 card spread: Past - Now - Future

 For my past I need to letting go on what doesn't work for me anymore, I need let go of people who are in my life that is not my friend, fake friends if you like, I must stop caring about what others opinion of me. Let be real, I must do a 180 on this.. I know that won't be easy and I need to do a day at a time.

My present card is about transformation.. I go from the old stage of my life and into my new one and that is terrifying becaus I knew what I had, but I don't know what is coming to me..I know that things will be better and the worst is over already.

My future card is about protecting and cherish the those who are important to me and let them know that I care for them...I haven't always been too good let those I care about know how much they mean to me. One of the goals of this year is to get better at it. Work at it is a key word here :)


I find it difficult to write this tarot spread for myself in public realm like this..Am I the only one? There is one thing I can work on... Write it without revealing anything :)
How public can I go or more likely.. How public do I want to go?

When I signed up up for this blog hop I was thinking that this subject not too difficult and it would fairly quick to write it, man, I had have written it, editing it, sencored myself and rewritten it so many times those last hours.. next blog hop I need to start a day or two earlier so I don't panic and write about anything else :)

Blessed be,


8 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! I hope taking this first step into the blog hop wasn't too terrifying, and that we'll see you again soon. :-)

  2. Love your bodyguard's pyjamas, though he doesn't look too happy to be out of bed :D

  3. Welcome to the BlogHop! Here in Denver we had spring like warm temps over the weekend (around 60 F) and then yesterday colder and freezing drizzle making everything slick as glass! Thanks for sharing your spread, even if it was personal. That Knight of Pentacles is wonderful conclusion. I often like to think of it as slow steady progress. Very promising!

  4. It certainly is an art to maintain a balance of sharing personal readings without sharing too much! I think you did a great job. I live in one of the warm places that birds flock to in the winter, and it's quite ironic and amusing that people who live here will get excited about their vacations to cold places: "I get to see snow!!" I tell them that in the north, it's quite the opposite refrain! :)

  5. Thanks, Susann. A fine three-card ending and beginning, which is what the aces are all about, the departure from the 10 to the 1. T'is dark as dark where you are (I've been in Finland in January), so very hard to see the life beneath the snow. But it will rise, as long as it remembers to shed the husk of the seek that held it prisoner...

  6. Greetings to you in the northlands, Susann. :) thanks for the picture of your local life. Love the budgie story! And your reading is great. In order to begin again, we always have to lose the old to embrace the new.

  7. Thank you for sharing those personal insights, Susann! :)
    Very lovely to see you tackling those personal challenges positively - the Three there can often cause panic, but you've related it nicely and recognised its challenge, without panicking in the face of it! :)

  8. You did justice to the topic. I'm so glad you joined us!


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