Code of ethics

Here is my code of ethics

  • All information that is given to me during a reading is treated confidential
  • I treat all my clients with respect undependend race, colour, age, sex, faith/beliefs, sexual orientation
  • I cannot give refunds for completed readings which are found to contain unsatisfactory insights.  In addition you will not hold the seller liable for any outcomes from the services (positive, negative, or anywhere between).
  • There will be no follow up questions
  • I cannot offer readings to anyone under the age of eighteen.
  • I do not answer specific questions about matters of the law, financial issues or health queries.  If this is what you need help I advise you to seek professional help
  • Please do not purchase a reading on behalf of someone else that is not aware of it.
  • I do not approach any reading with a view to contacting the dead.
  • I do not consider myself to be psychic in terms of being able to see the future.. 
  • I do not paticipate in vendettas or any drama
  • Those who get a face-to-face reading from me shall not be under the influence of alcohol/pills/drugs

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