Viser innlegg fra november, 2016

New Moon spread for 29th of November 2016

Hello moon childs and merry meet,

How are you and I hope you are doing great while we entering the last month of 2016.
I want to give you a new moon tarot spreead for December and I use Tarot Lenormand and it is refers to Marie Anne Lenormand.
Like the other reading I have done so take what resonate with you and leave the rest :)

This is not the best time of your life right now, you may experience some sort of loss where you are blaming yourself. Can it be loss of a loved one, a friendship? You feel it is difficult to move on and you have put youself in a mental prison where you think that you don't deserve to move on to happiness.

You need to leave behind the thing you can not change and that gives you a great opportunity to work on what you can change. If you know the reason for thing working for you? Was it really your fault or do you think you could do things differently? There always two sides to every story. And a question can be do you want to try to fix it or are you bette…

Pagan challenge week 5 - what does this time of year means to you

Hello my lovely ones and merry meet :)

This week question in the PaganChallenge is What does time of year mean to you - What does Yule means to you?

So, this time for me means that I can calm down.. go into a semi hibernation if you like :) Like nature goes into a hibernation state in the autumn and stays there till the spring.
it is time to relax and recharge your batteries for the new year and reflect on the year that is almost behind us and think about the year is upon us and slowly plan out the new year.
December is also a special month for me and it is because it is my Birthday month :)

Advent is a Christian time, but for me it is a peaceful, soulful, thoughtful and a wonderful time. If it snowing it is a bonus:) In the these weeks before Yule I meditate a lot, I see alot of movies, I drink homemade mulled wine (not a diabetic best friend - but still). I spend these weeks on friends & family, me-time.

Like I have talked about in a previous post this is my first sabbath and I …

we light a candle tonight

Hello little elves and merry meet :)

How are you all doing and I hope you are doing well. I hope you all have a peaceful time before yule/Christmas/Hanukka/Kwanzaa

I want to share a poem of Inger Hagerupand she was a Norwegian author, playwright and poet. She is considered one of the greatest Norwegian poets of the 20th century.
 She wrote a poem about advent, but I think this poem is so beautiful. It is four verses I will share them on each sunday before Yule :)

So we light a candle tonight, we light it for happiness.
It stands and shines for themselves and us who are present.
so we light a candle tonight, we light it for happiness.

Blessed be and merry see


Pagan Challenge week 4 - Your take on wheel of the year

Hello and merry meet,
How are you and I hope you are doing fine as we are heading towards December and yule/Christmas

This week question is my take on the wheel of the year and my take on it.

I always noticed the change of the seasons and I have always celebrated the christian holidays - I still do that, but I changed the names back to the pagan names.

I am a Norwegian pagan and what I can gather we celebrated summer solstice that isn't a christian  holiday.

Yule is my first sabbath and I am a bit iffy... Let me explain, I am the only pagan in my family and yule is 20th to 23rd of December and rest of the family celebrate Christmas and it is from 23rd till 27th of Christmas... On the other hand I am like "woohoo - extra celebration days" *fist bump*

When I came out of broom closet to my husband I said he wouldn't notice a whole lot of difference, better food at the sabbaths, the house will be decorated seasonly and honouring to the sabbaths. When it comes to my bless…

Pagan challenge week 3 - Do you have an altar or sacred place

Hello lovely people and merry meet

How are you and I hope you are well.

I was debating with myself if I should do this week question or not because this is personal to me. So I decided to do it, but I won't be included any photos.
This week is about altars and sacred places. I have a main altar in my bedroom and I have shelf in the bookcase in my livingroom that is my altar,

What is an altar? I believe it depends who you are asking... a Christian would say an altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes, and by extension the 'Holy table' of post-reformation Anglican churches.<------ according to wikipedia.
If you ask a pagan majority may say they have an altar because they want to honour the God and Goddess, honouring the wheel of the year, the elements and all the good stuff :)

My altar contains all the things that is important to me like my Buddha, lights that represent the elements, angels, I also have a stuffed "…

Review of the Fairy Tales by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch

Hello lovely ones,
How is everone? I hope you are doing great this Thursday/Friday.

I got some happy mail this week and I got Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch.

The Lenormand comes in a super cute tin box and it will be great if I bring the cards with me without be worring if the box will hold up. Tin boxes is always a big plus. At home I don't keep the Tarot decks in their boxes, but in pouches :)
It also comes with the little white book :) But this is way better than many little books out there. This booklet has 125-ish pages with information.
The foreword is written by Donnaleigh de LaRose who is a international tarot & Oracle teacher.
With each card you get keywords + where you find the card in the playing cards. And you get a little history with each cards. In the back you will you will have 4 example spreads.
The back of these cards are beautiful and the colours is a bit off because of the light and the camera. The cards is a bit thin, but not it is not to…

Pagan challenge week 2 - Are you in or out of the broom closet

Hello pips

How are you doing today, I hope you are doing well. It is this time for a blogpost about pagan challenge again. This week's question is: Am I in or out of broom closet? Well, I am out now haha :)

This is a difficult question to answer because no matter where you are in the public realm you may end up explaining, defending, debating, justify or talk about my path of pagan. Everyone thinks they have the right to say something about this, but like I say: if you don't sleep in my bed, live in my house or paying my bills you don't have a saying in my life at all!
As a human being we wear a lot masks when are out in the public realm and we are not always aware of it, but we do and sometime there are not appropriate to flaunt your rocking pagan/wiccan attitude:) So we have to use our antennas regardless religious/human skills and all that good stuff :)

Let me do this short and sweet: I am a pagan and deal with it, enough said :)