mandag 29. august 2016

Weekly Tarot Cards for 29th of August - 4th of September 2016

Hello lovlies, 
I hope you are well and ready for this week and we are heading into a new month on Wednesday + it is a full moon on Wednesday as well.

This is just a general reading and it might not apply for all of you, take what speaks to you and forget the rest.
I am using Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot for the main reading and I am using Doreen Virtue Healing with the Faeries for the oracle card for this week.

 The main energy for this week is celebration of some sort, maybe you got some good news, end of troubled times, new job or you have taken few steps in the right direction on what makes you happy. This week is time to celebrate.

You are independed person and you like to do things your way. Organizing is you middle name and when you set a plan you do do pretty much anything to make it work. Planning and organizing is half of the work and it is important to do it right the first time. You got this to your finger tips :)

What might hinder you this week is that you are so busy with your different projects so you forget to relax and take a timeout.
Remember that that no one will thank you when you are down. Take care of yourself and don't aplogize for taking "me time"

This week main theme is "peace of mind" and it means that you must remember to take some time off and just breathe. What do you for relaxing? Yoga? Meditations? Sit down and watch your favorite movie/series and drink of your choice. Play in the park with your family/dogs. Put your feet up and block out the rest of the world. Spend time with family, pets, friends or just alone. Take a clean out of your mind every once and a while can be a good idea. Is this important to me? Do I need this in my life? Does it concern me at all? It can be hard to let things go, but try your best because it it takes so much unneccesary space that should be for good memories that you make together with those who are important to you.
 I wish you all a good week and I wish you joy and happiness.

Blessed be


onsdag 24. august 2016

BR to 10 Question a tarot reader "must" answer!

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you are doing well this mid-week :) We are close to go over to a next month and the autumn is here (spring in the southern hemisphere).
I saw a video by Ethony from youtube and she vloged about "10 questions a tarot reader must answer" and you can find her vlog here. I believe it was a blogpost by Left Hand Tarot and you can find it here. 

I find this interesting so I wanted to participate in this so here are my answers :)

1. Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?
- I am 100% self-taught; I bought my first deck early in my 20's. Before I had access to the internet, I had one book as reference - It was a plain no brand tarot deck and it were close to a Raider Waite deck. I didn't connect with it at all. Put it away and didn't touch a tarot for 10-15 years only because of one single reason: I thought that as long I didn’t learn much of this deck I couldn't learn tarot at all. I bought a new tarot deck November 2015 and it "exploded" - I went wow...From November 2015 to today, 24th August 2016, I have 15 tarot decks, 4 oracle decks and two homemade runes set :) Mama went a little bit nuts about tarot :) hahaha

I would love to have a mentor who can guide me. I sometime feel like I am a itsy bitsy lost, when I am getting close to something woo-woo I can't grab it ;)   

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?
- I am NOT a psychic like a medium, but I am someone who can read tarot with a strong gut feeling :)

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?
- My predictions are pretty accurate - some times they are spot on and other time they are way off. I believe that if they are not accurate right away, they can come through later.. Let’s say within a week, months of a year. Like I say to clients keep it mind that can happened. Like Ethony was talking about in the video, nobody is 100% accurate all the time in any profession..

4. Is there anything you can't predict in a reading?
Well, the cards can give a lot of answers, but there are few things I will not reveal for the client. If the spread is very, very dark and the outcome is not good, I will reshuffle and lay a new spread. The reason for that is I want to inspire people to take action in their lives.
Side note: The first time I heard the word tarot reader, I was a little girl - about 10-12 years old, my cousin lost one her friend in a car accident. This friend went to a tarot reader and he was told he will not see his 25th Birthday... and he died on his 25th Birthday. My first question that popped up in my head was why did tarot reader reveal this to the client? 

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?
- I use Runes, Lenormand, Oracle decks, pendulums, crystals or what the Mother Nature can give me. Next project is astrology, numerology, Reiki, My filosophy is that I want to know a little of everything instead of know everything of one topic.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?
-  Both, the way I read cards I get an overlook over the cards and my intuition takes over.

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?
- I have been on my Pagan/Wicca path for a little while, but I haven't taken the step 100% till now. Up till now I have been reading about it, some studying and watched TONS of YouTube videos and documentaries.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?
-  I am a looker, I believe it is not my job to "fix" the client; the client is the star of their life so he/she must change whatever it is wrong in their life. All I can do is tell what the cards say and maybe tell those few options on what can be done and few options what will not happened if they don't change their life. We have free will and nothing is set in stone.

9. Do you read for free, or for fee?
- If I offer a reading it is for free (very close friends and family), but someone approach me for a reading I do it for a fee.

10. Is there anything you won't do in a reading?
- I believe this question is connected along the question 4. There a lot of thing I won't predict or do for a reading, I won't participate in hexing, vendettas, drama, I don't talk to the dead, answer the question when/how will I die, will I be rich and famous and so on and so on. I won't do reading for persons under the age of 18; I don't answer specific questions about health, finance or law because I am not a doctor, accountant or a lawyer.

tirsdag 2. august 2016

New moon spread - 2nd of August 2016

  Hello lovlies, 
How are you guys, and I can't believe it is August already and the fall is almost here although we still have few sunny days before autumn storms comes :) All of the seasons has its charm, but my favorite is the fall. Nothing better to hear the storm outside with a good fire in the fireplace, candlelights and maybe you have a good cup of tea/coffe - or drink of your choice next to you.But hey let us enjoy late summer/early fall so far :)

I bring you the new moon reading today and the cards I use is the Book of shadows - So Below by Barbara Moore and the artwork is done by Sabrina Ariganello and Alessia Pastorello (copyrighted by Lo Scarabeo)

It is time to prioritze yourself! What do I want to do with my life? Where do I want to go? What is the right thing for me right now? You are not selfish if you think of yourself - Maybe it is time for you to start to think of yourself. Have you danced to other people's flute far too long? No one will thank you when you are gone anyway. Please remember that the most important person in your life is youself. Selfishness can also be a good thing! 
If you rather sink into the bath tub with candlelights, drink of your choice and a real good book than help friend of a friend that you haven't met because you are the only one that can  help? Don't feel bad if you would like to have quality time with yourself. Make yourself the star of your life.

 What you can do to get out of this funk? You have the tools and knowledge to do something about it - the question is: do you dare? I know it is more comfortable to stay in the situastion you are in because it is safe and this is what you know. You need to focus on what it is you want/need. It also might be fustrating on what to do first because it seems to be alot of work. Take the situation you are in and take it apart like an onion - layer by layer - ask yourself on each layer: do I want this in my life? Is this important to me? Does it serve me any good?

You might feel that there is few obsticles/clutter in the way. You have to let out some of the old that something new can come in. I can be you have found your dream job, but that means you have to leave your old job and move to another town/even another country... Are you willing to do these sacrifices? Are you in a realtionship with a person that gives you nothing - Are you in this relationship beacause you are afraid to hurt that other person, you are afraid to be on your own or you feel you owe the other person that? 
Like I said you need to be the star in your own life - you need and most defently deserve to be happy - for you to do so you need to stop to dancing after other people's flute.
If you have a friend that you feel it is a chore to to keep in touch and the friendship doesn't give you anything anymore - do the grown up way and say we have grown of apart and this friendship don't give us what we need anymore.. it is not your fault or my fault - it is what it is.

The advice for you is that you always have a choice and you have to do what makes you and your closest family happy. It is important to follow your heart.
you may have to take a decision about work - you have analyze pro's and cons, love matters - a new love or rebonding witha an old love, finances - please don't lose track even if you are head over heels in love, health issues - you will get the right person to help you wether it is the doctor, nurse or a healer or spirituality - you can benefit from working with the right person and please don't trust blindly on what is said and don't follow blindly.



During this spread I have pointed out few situations, but I know that are more serious matters in this world than I have mentioned like domestic violence and such (Topics like these is way over my head). I haven't covered such topics because I don't know how I shall cover it 100 %.. All I can say is that my heart goes out for you, I hope you can manage to take the necessary steps to get out it and mostly that you succeed.

Happy Easter/Ostara

Hello Sun children and merry meet How are you all doing and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter or Happy Ostara in the northern hemisph...