lørdag 30. januar 2016

Review of Anne Stoke's Gothic Tarot Deck

Today I want to review Anne Stoke's tarot deck that also came in the mail yesteday :) When I saw this deck online I knew I wanted it just because of the at art work. I have seen a few reviews on these deck, some like it and some doesn't. I also came a cross someone called this a novelty deck, took some pictures, smashed into a so-called tarot deck and told people not to buy that unless you wanted a novelty deck. I think that was a bit cruel, but that is just my opinion.

These tarot cards doesn't have the tradional pictures, but then again that is the charm of tarot because there are so many to choose from:) I live in a place where we don't have shop who sells insence or tarot or crystals, so if I want to have these things I need to order them online. Yes, it are few moments of "buy and regrets"... well, you live and learn :)

I saw in a review of this  deck that the person didn't like the "flimsyness" (is that even a word??) and I know am throwing gas onto the fire here, but these cards aren't much different than the Raider Waite deck, in thickness I mean.
I have shuffled them alot and I cant see a few tiny spots of wear and tear, but that is expected in my opinion.

Another feature on these cards it has four languages: English, German, French and Spanish. It can confuse some people, but I think it is a cute touch.
The gothic tarot is not a big deck and here you can see it together with my Raider Waite card. And the back of the card you will see if it is upside down or not, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Will I use them in a reading? It depends on the person who are going to be read and what he/she are comfortable with.

Am I going to use these on a reading fo my self? Yes, I will the hell of them and back. Like I said in my review of the Raider Waite's: it get the job done! You have here 78 card of beautiful art work.

I can see why some don't want to have this deck or don't want a reading from these, because you have a deck of vampires, goblets of blood, dragons, pretty women, handsome men, skulls, unicorn, skeletons and so on.


I wouldn't recommend this to a beginner since few of the cards a bit confusing for example the card The Tower, in Raider Waite deck you can see what it represent, but in the Gothic deck you don't automatically see what it is.

I haven't had any readings from this yet, just shuffling, get know the cards and felt the energy from it.
I will work on it shortly and I will let you know how it works out :)

Till then, have a great weekend and Blessed be,


fredag 29. januar 2016

Tarot review of Rider Waite Tarot

Today I want to show you what I got in mail today and I got my Raider Waite Tarot deck.

Raider Waite Tarot deck was originally published in 1910 by William Raider & son in London. The year after A.E Waite put a small guide with the deck called "The Key to the tarot" and it was an overview of the traditions and history behind the cards.
Today this is a very popular deck world wide amongst tarot readers - From the beginners to the most experienced reader.

I was pleased to see that this is a Norwegian edition deck and I was also suprised to see that the court cards had been given names of the  elements. Ace of swords became the Ace of the air (Luft Sverdet), The Knight of Cups became The Knight of Water (vann knekten), The Queen of Wands became The Queen of Fire (Ild Dronningen) and The King of Penticles became King of Earth (Jord Kongen). It shouldn't be any problems to read the pictures since the pictures haven't been changed. This is a big deck and I have big hands and I had some problems with the shuffling the first five minutes, but it got bette more I tried :) 
The measurements of these cards are 7x12 cm and the cards is not thick I thought it would be, but hey it does the job done :)

This is a beautiful deck, it is great for beginners and you have no problem to see what the pictures are representing. If you are a beginner to tarot I recommend you to also buy a book or go to the library to loan one. There are a small booklet with the card and it contains few words on each card - no, booklet doesn't give you a examples of spreads you can try.

This post is just a first time review of this tarot because I haven't worked with them so much yet. So an update will be done soon as I have done a few readings with them :)

Blessed be,

xoxo, Susann

tirsdag 26. januar 2016

Topic of the day: Runes

Hello fairies :)
Today I want to talk a bit of runes.
I have always been interested in runes, vikings and Norse Mythology because it is a part of the Scandinavian history and Norwegian folklore.

I was searching on Ebay for runes, but I didn't want a set of runes like everybody elses. So I thought i would go to the beach find myself 24 stones... but it is winter and our beach is covered in snow and ice, I don't think so. I could cut off a branch... Did I mentioned it was winter, we have snow and we have few plus degrees? I have to forget those plans for another few months and let the trees come into summer mode first :)

LIGHTBULB!!!! I have few decorative stones that I have around candle lights, so I could use them. I get to use something personal and I didn't spend a lot of money:) yay.

What I did was separate the clear one from the purple... and suddenly I had two sets of runes. I took a super thin paintbush and painted the symbols with my gold nail polish just because I thought it would look better this way than with a black sharpie.

All I need to do now is to clense them and give them power.

I am looking forward to use them as a tool in my every day life.

You don't have to use a lot of money to practice magick or your religion. You may discover that things you believe in and things you have done for years, but didn't  knew there was a religion till now.

Where I live there are not a shop where I can buy incense, tarot decks, runes, books and all of that... not that I need it to practice my belief, but it is a helping tools. I can order stuff on the internet or I can get inventive with my stuff :) Order books online can be very expensive so I do the next best thing and I google a lot of thing and printing stuff out and I even search on Pinterest for things. library can be a good place to start. Then again they may not have a huge selection on books of witchcraft and such. You can also make own tarot deck, print it from the internet or if you are a crafter, you could get a good quality cardstock and make the 78 cards or oracle deck if you want. The positive side is that you get you own unique deck that no one else have and the size you want. The downside it may take some time to make them:)

I just wanted to show you all my little lightbulb moment (genious points for those of you who know said: LIGHTBULB!!)
I will leave you here, wishing  you a good day and I sending you some sunshine:)

Blessed be:)

lørdag 23. januar 2016

Welcome to my new blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog. This blog will be about tarot, unboxing and reviews of tarot decks, spreads of tarot, meaning of cards and all the wonderful tarot brings.

This is the first time I have considered to start a blog about tarot just I never have seen myself good enough to read cards or I don’t want to let everybody I know what I do due to personal reasons. There are two (or maybe three people) who know.. My husband and my bestie. The reason I choose to write this in English instead of Norwegian is because I will reach a lot more people with English and on an internationally scale the tarot community are so much bigger + I get to practice my English :)

I always wanted to read cards and few years ago I bought a tarot book and a deck that went with it    (Tarot by Jane Lyle). Sadly I didn’t give it my 100% and  is because I wasn’t ready for my journey - and  I lost my tarot deck after due a lot of moving.

I have decided that 2016 is going to be my year and I see some of YouTubers have word of the year, like count ability, simplify and power – These are strong words and for me? I would put myself up to failure because I would feel it overpowered me before we hit 1st of February (So it would be waste of energy to try).  I also haven’t been big on New Year resolutions for the same reason  - Stop smoking Jan the 1st  among no sugar or candy in 2016, exercise EVERY day, no spend year and so on) . But I have set my resolutions for the year so I will see how it goes - if I fail, better luck next year! One of my resolutions is “do more of the things that make me happy” and here is the tarot comes in. My word for 2016 is ME! 

Let’s face it, I need to get my priority straight – to sum it up.. I need to get my shit together in all of my level of life. I know tarot is a great tool to use although they can’t tell you all the answer or this is no quick fix. Tarot is a guideline, but you still need to do all the work that is required to achieve what you want.

I'll leave you for now and I will be back soon as my tarot deck arrives :) Bye

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