fredag 29. januar 2016

Tarot review of Rider Waite Tarot

Today I want to show you what I got in mail today and I got my Raider Waite Tarot deck.

Raider Waite Tarot deck was originally published in 1910 by William Raider & son in London. The year after A.E Waite put a small guide with the deck called "The Key to the tarot" and it was an overview of the traditions and history behind the cards.
Today this is a very popular deck world wide amongst tarot readers - From the beginners to the most experienced reader.

I was pleased to see that this is a Norwegian edition deck and I was also suprised to see that the court cards had been given names of the  elements. Ace of swords became the Ace of the air (Luft Sverdet), The Knight of Cups became The Knight of Water (vann knekten), The Queen of Wands became The Queen of Fire (Ild Dronningen) and The King of Penticles became King of Earth (Jord Kongen). It shouldn't be any problems to read the pictures since the pictures haven't been changed. This is a big deck and I have big hands and I had some problems with the shuffling the first five minutes, but it got bette more I tried :) 
The measurements of these cards are 7x12 cm and the cards is not thick I thought it would be, but hey it does the job done :)

This is a beautiful deck, it is great for beginners and you have no problem to see what the pictures are representing. If you are a beginner to tarot I recommend you to also buy a book or go to the library to loan one. There are a small booklet with the card and it contains few words on each card - no, booklet doesn't give you a examples of spreads you can try.

This post is just a first time review of this tarot because I haven't worked with them so much yet. So an update will be done soon as I have done a few readings with them :)

Blessed be,

xoxo, Susann

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