lørdag 30. januar 2016

Review of Anne Stoke's Gothic Tarot Deck

Today I want to review Anne Stoke's tarot deck that also came in the mail yesteday :) When I saw this deck online I knew I wanted it just because of the at art work. I have seen a few reviews on these deck, some like it and some doesn't. I also came a cross someone called this a novelty deck, took some pictures, smashed into a so-called tarot deck and told people not to buy that unless you wanted a novelty deck. I think that was a bit cruel, but that is just my opinion.

These tarot cards doesn't have the tradional pictures, but then again that is the charm of tarot because there are so many to choose from:) I live in a place where we don't have shop who sells insence or tarot or crystals, so if I want to have these things I need to order them online. Yes, it are few moments of "buy and regrets"... well, you live and learn :)

I saw in a review of this  deck that the person didn't like the "flimsyness" (is that even a word??) and I know am throwing gas onto the fire here, but these cards aren't much different than the Raider Waite deck, in thickness I mean.
I have shuffled them alot and I cant see a few tiny spots of wear and tear, but that is expected in my opinion.

Another feature on these cards it has four languages: English, German, French and Spanish. It can confuse some people, but I think it is a cute touch.
The gothic tarot is not a big deck and here you can see it together with my Raider Waite card. And the back of the card you will see if it is upside down or not, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Will I use them in a reading? It depends on the person who are going to be read and what he/she are comfortable with.

Am I going to use these on a reading fo my self? Yes, I will the hell of them and back. Like I said in my review of the Raider Waite's: it get the job done! You have here 78 card of beautiful art work.

I can see why some don't want to have this deck or don't want a reading from these, because you have a deck of vampires, goblets of blood, dragons, pretty women, handsome men, skulls, unicorn, skeletons and so on.


I wouldn't recommend this to a beginner since few of the cards a bit confusing for example the card The Tower, in Raider Waite deck you can see what it represent, but in the Gothic deck you don't automatically see what it is.

I haven't had any readings from this yet, just shuffling, get know the cards and felt the energy from it.
I will work on it shortly and I will let you know how it works out :)

Till then, have a great weekend and Blessed be,


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