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Another Tarot tag #aprilArwen

Hello you all and merry meet :)

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of blog heaven :) How are you you doing and I hope you are doing great
So, Arwen Lynch has put together another tag for us and I am a sucker for a good tag :) The main video for this tag is here.
These tag are on YT, but I am not there.... yet, but give me a few months and I may pop on YT... I am think it may be fun :)

Back to the tag :)

1. What's your primary reason for pulling out your cards?
- I didn't know I needed to have a reason (smarty-pants :) )  I find shuffling soothing

2. Do you use Tarot in any other way other than reading? (i.e., spells, crafts, fancy hat making?)
- Well, I shuffle them while I watch tv, YT, daily draws, medtitations. When I make spreads

3. If you use Tarot as part of your magical practice, can you share some examples?
- Although I am witch, I do not practice magick... I think..

4. How do you explain what Tarot is when someone asks you? (assume it's in a well-meaning way)

Some myths about Tarot

Hello sun children and merry meet :) How are you doing thes days and I hope all of you are doing great. I hope you have a peaceful celebration with the Easter, if you celebrate it.

Today's blogpost are reposting a post I did before Christmas/Yule and I want to post it again :)
As a tarot reader you hear a lot of myths about tarot from a lot people. I want to burst some of these myths - Some of these have I heard myself and others I came across on the internet.
1. Tarot can "see" the future?
-well, no.. you can't see the future. There is some people who are more intuitive than others and use their gift. Like i have said throughout in this blog post, You are the boss over your destiny, nothing is set in stone and you have a free will.

2. Tarot can reveal someones feelings 
- Only if this was true... you can not see someone feelings in the cards.
3. The cards is powerful?
- No, the cards do not have powers at all. Tarot is only 78 cards of paper which happend to ha…