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Another Tarot tag #aprilArwen

Hello you all and merry meet :)

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of blog heaven :) How are you you doing and I hope you are doing great
So, Arwen Lynch has put together another tag for us and I am a sucker for a good tag :) The main video for this tag is here.
These tag are on YT, but I am not there.... yet, but give me a few months and I may pop on YT... I am think it may be fun :)

Back to the tag :)

1. What's your primary reason for pulling out your cards?
- I didn't know I needed to have a reason (smarty-pants :) )  I find shuffling soothing

2. Do you use Tarot in any other way other than reading? (i.e., spells, crafts, fancy hat making?)
- Well, I shuffle them while I watch tv, YT, daily draws, medtitations. When I make spreads

3. If you use Tarot as part of your magical practice, can you share some examples?
- Although I am witch, I do not practice magick... I think..

4. How do you explain what Tarot is when someone asks you? (assume it's in a well-meaning way)
- I ask if they have heard about tarot, Tarot is card stock which has pretty art on them. Every card can tell a piece of of a story. For every card you put down you add another piece, it is like puzzle. They can help you to give advice.

5. What's your favorite spread to use and why?
- I don't have a favourite spread, but I lay three card spread at the most.

6. Name a famous, currently living, person who embodies one of the following cards for you: Hermit, Star, Justice (just one card and one person is fine!)
-  For me I see Keanu Reeves as something between the Hermit and Justice. I don't know the guy, but is based on what I have seen in the tabloids- He is not the one who claim his fame, He won't go scream: Here I am, World, I am taking my place and you better deal with it. He has experienced things that can break your heart, he has made choices in his life that is right for HIM like he take the subway to his destinations, he don't live in a millions dollar mansion (I don't think he does).  I think he is one of the down to earth people I have read about and I think he well balanced man.

7. Have you ever read in a crowded, noisy chaotic environment? How did it go for you?
- I haven't been given reading in those settings yet, I have only had face to face readings.

8. Do you do any type of ritual (meaning repetive, do-it-every-time and/or spiritual) before you read?
 - Depends where I am sitting.. Am I sitting in the kitchen I must have the dishes done and the floor cleaned and get rid of any clutter, I need to use a table cloth, burn some incence and light some tea lights and relax and shuffle for few minutes. Prior to all this I need to walk my dog so he doesn't bother while I read or prepare for a reading.

9. Draw a card to answer this question "What is my next best step, Universe?"
 - I used my Shadowscape Tarot and I got 6 of Swords and it is asking what I running away from? I know I have been in my personal cave (the Hermit) for the last months due to some issues that is a bit personal. I need t pull another card on this and I got the world. I will be at the end of this trial as soon as I know what to do and in what order I need to to do them... I makes sense to me :)

 10. How do you think you can personally improve your reading skills? 
- I still need to study and I need to read tarot books, those I have and those are coming my way soon.
And I need to practice my readings with daily draws, journaling and meditations.

Love and blessed be,


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