mandag 1. mai 2017

Blog Hop - Beltane 2017

Hello you beautiful Blog Hopers and merry meet :)

How are you doing? I hope this blog finds you well and I hope have a peaceful Beltane or an international workers day celebrations. Do you celebrate it or are you like me - it is a day off work?

Back to this blog, folks :) It is this time of the year again :) Yes, It is another Blog Hop :)
The wonderful Arwen have provided us another great topic/question:"Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?"

I do use Tarot and oracle in my practice, but lately I have been mixing Runes into this and so far I am surprised how well it is going... I have some other systems I want to try/study/use in my practice, like tealeaf reading/palmestry/necromancy... I want to study all I can get my heands on.

Tarot to me something that is deep, mysterious, clearing. I often find sides with myself I wasn't aware of/didn't know and I often surprise myself and say: "Oh that's why? it makes sense :)" and it is a friend who tells you to "get your ass off the bed and do the fucking work!!" Yes, Tarot can be a bossy and a bitchy friend, but it means well and it wants you to be best you can be. So it is up to us take it or leave it.

Along with the Tarot I use oracle cards/Lenormand. When I use the Oracle cards together with Tarot I just use it as a overall energy or a message I need to take with me..
But there also times where I just want a quick answer, hopefully yes/ no answer, then I use just the Lenormand, because the Tarot can be a chatty friend as well as a bitchy friend.. I guess all of us have or had one of those people in life one time or another.

When it comes to Runes, I finds it very interesting although I haven't worked so much with them as I would liked.
I haven't started to use it in client readings (face to face readings), but I am about to start to use them in my email readings.. I don't know when - it will be in this side og the year :)

An example of a reading for someone:
I often lay down the tarot cards in the spread and I use the last tarot card as a shadow card (do I need to pay attention to this/is it something new). I use one or two oracle cards overall energy to the client - the client may or may not understand what this means.. I always tell the client if he/she doesn't know what it means right now, please have it back in the mind because it can pop up when you least expect it to and suddenly you know exactly what it means.

Have a wonderful day, afternoon or evening fellow blog hoppers and I will see you in the next blog :)
I send you alot of love and merry see,



5 kommentarer:

  1. I always felt like Tarot and runes were incompatible in a reading - Tarot can be such a complex system, and the runes are so tightly tied into Nordic culture and myths that I feel like they don't play well together.

  2. I've used Tarot and Runes together also. They have different energies but I like them together. Runes are very blunt and to the point for me.

  3. I like how you treat your divination tools as friends, bitchy, chatty, concise :) And I love combining tarot and runes. After all, it's about finding your understanding of what each system means in the context of today and your (or your clients') life. Combining systems can help to clarify each of them :)

  4. I'll be interested to follow your runes journey :)

  5. I agree on the Runes being a nice addition to a Tarot reading. I have laid out the runes then put down cards to go further into that rune.


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