mandag 1. januar 2018

Day 1 - Energy - Major lesson - 31 days of tarot

Helloooo and merry meet

Happy New Year and I hope you had a peacful celebration and a wonderful New Year.
I haven't the best start of this year, hubby and I have got the, thank you so much, my son.
But hey...I'll live ;)

I have been "forgetting" this blog for the last six months and I am so srry for it. I will do a seperate blog on why a bit later in this month.

It is January and that means 31 days of Tarot :) and always I will answer these questions in this blog
These question is made by wonderful Ethony.
For this challenge I will be using The Triple Goddess Tarot by Jaymi Elford

Today is a reading - Energy and a major lessons

What I noticed is that I got two minor arcana cards and I need to put down a whole of work in this year if I really want my goals come true :)

My energy card for 2018 is 4 of wands

2018 is time for family and we need to focus on each other

Stability/routines - I want to have better routines in my day to day life - to do so I get more stability in my life and hubby and I will have a life together (We are great together - I wants us to be awesome together)

Me - I need to do what I can to make life awesome and do what makes me happy and stop worrying so much.
 I want to have a healthier life.

My lesson for 2018 is Knight of Swords

I need to work at my goals for this year, more than ever. I have to stay organized and work harder for what I need.

For now I have the clouds behind me and I have to be on top of things so I don't get caught up in the clouds and confusion.

One of the major goals for 2018 is that we want to move and buy a house.. to achieve that goal I have to take some steps and do them in right order..

I must remember that I don't need to rush into some minor goals because it is so easy to make some mistakes and lose my focus on the main goals (it is here were the clouds comes in :))

Blessed be and merry see ;)

Love, Susann

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