lørdag 23. januar 2016

Welcome to my new blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog. This blog will be about tarot, unboxing and reviews of tarot decks, spreads of tarot, meaning of cards and all the wonderful tarot brings.

This is the first time I have considered to start a blog about tarot just I never have seen myself good enough to read cards or I don’t want to let everybody I know what I do due to personal reasons. There are two (or maybe three people) who know.. My husband and my bestie. The reason I choose to write this in English instead of Norwegian is because I will reach a lot more people with English and on an internationally scale the tarot community are so much bigger + I get to practice my English :)

I always wanted to read cards and few years ago I bought a tarot book and a deck that went with it    (Tarot by Jane Lyle). Sadly I didn’t give it my 100% and  is because I wasn’t ready for my journey - and  I lost my tarot deck after due a lot of moving.

I have decided that 2016 is going to be my year and I see some of YouTubers have word of the year, like count ability, simplify and power – These are strong words and for me? I would put myself up to failure because I would feel it overpowered me before we hit 1st of February (So it would be waste of energy to try).  I also haven’t been big on New Year resolutions for the same reason  - Stop smoking Jan the 1st  among no sugar or candy in 2016, exercise EVERY day, no spend year and so on) . But I have set my resolutions for the year so I will see how it goes - if I fail, better luck next year! One of my resolutions is “do more of the things that make me happy” and here is the tarot comes in. My word for 2016 is ME! 

Let’s face it, I need to get my priority straight – to sum it up.. I need to get my shit together in all of my level of life. I know tarot is a great tool to use although they can’t tell you all the answer or this is no quick fix. Tarot is a guideline, but you still need to do all the work that is required to achieve what you want.

I'll leave you for now and I will be back soon as my tarot deck arrives :) Bye

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