mandag 28. november 2016

Pagan challenge week 5 - what does this time of year means to you

Hello my lovely ones and merry meet :)

This week question in the PaganChallenge is What does time of year mean to you - What does Yule means to you?

So, this time for me means that I can calm down.. go into a semi hibernation if you like :) Like nature goes into a hibernation state in the autumn and stays there till the spring.
it is time to relax and recharge your batteries for the new year and reflect on the year that is almost behind us and think about the year is upon us and slowly plan out the new year.
December is also a special month for me and it is because it is my Birthday month :)

Advent is a Christian time, but for me it is a peaceful, soulful, thoughtful and a wonderful time. If it snowing it is a bonus:) In the these weeks before Yule I meditate a lot, I see alot of movies, I drink homemade mulled wine (not a diabetic best friend - but still). I spend these weeks on friends & family, me-time.

Like I have talked about in a previous post this is my first sabbath and I am somewhere in between Yule and Christmas. Although I don't believe in God I do find alot beautiful things in the Bible and Christianity. My husband and I was talking about the ten commandments the other day and how they hasn't nothing to do the Christianity, but it has all to do with way of life.. Let me sum up the ten commandments in two words: common sense.

Ok, I went off topic for a while, I am going to do few changes this year, it still going to be a mash of pagan and christian stuff, but I will not go bananas this year like the previous years.

Yesterday, it was the 1st sunday of advent and usually it is when I go into my semi hibernation and I am going to try something new this year and that is to really relax and I got this idea from RhomayRealm on YouTube and she had said that she take a month off and she also said turn off all notifications, so you have to send her a text or give her call. I was thinking that is a great idea, I will try this for the month of December ;)

Blessed be and merry see


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