mandag 28. november 2016

New Moon spread for 29th of November 2016

Hello moon childs and merry meet,

How are you and I hope you are doing great while we entering the last month of 2016.
I want to give you a new moon tarot spreead for December and I use Tarot Lenormand and it is refers to Marie Anne Lenormand.
Like the other reading I have done so take what resonate with you and leave the rest :)

This is not the best time of your life right now, you may experience some sort of loss where you are blaming yourself. Can it be loss of a loved one, a friendship? You feel it is difficult to move on and you have put youself in a mental prison where you think that you don't deserve to move on to happiness.

You need to leave behind the thing you can not change and that gives you a great opportunity to work on what you can change. If you know the reason for thing working for you? Was it really your fault or do you think you could do things differently? There always two sides to every story. And a question can be do you want to try to fix it or are you better off to leave it alone? Don't worry because you will land on your feet, the fog that was confusing you will go away and will grow from and you will learn from it.

Your intensions you need set to grow is to prioritize your life and starts with baby steps + give it time. If you are rushing too fast you may have to go back, do changes and mabe not learning a important lessons.
You may not see the finish result in the beginning, but that is ok because for every baby steps you take the closer you are the main goal. The first step can be the hardest and it will go easier for every step you take. The most important for you to do now is to be moving, it may not be fast, but at least you are moving

You may feel discouraged, but it is the perfect time for you to go inwards because you are the one who knows what actions you need to take resolve the issues.Are you true to your feelings? You must start to help yourself and not every one else. You need to be a star in your one life. You need to ask youself if this is important to me? If not, you need to leave it behind.

This moon phase it is a good time to see achievements and feel good about them, material and emotional achievements. This is a good time to let go of jealousy and mood swings and unrealistic goals or expections. Take actions right away you see it, cut them in the bud and you are better off.

Blessed be and merry see :)


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