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Pagan challenge week 3 - Do you have an altar or sacred place

Hello lovely people and merry meet

How are you and I hope you are well.

I was debating with myself if I should do this week question or not because this is personal to me. So I decided to do it, but I won't be included any photos.
This week is about altars and sacred places. I have a main altar in my bedroom and I have shelf in the bookcase in my livingroom that is my altar,

What is an altar? I believe it depends who you are asking... a Christian would say an altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes, and by extension the 'Holy table' of post-reformation Anglican churches.<------ according to wikipedia.
If you ask a pagan majority may say they have an altar because they want to honour the God and Goddess, honouring the wheel of the year, the elements and all the good stuff :)

My altar contains all the things that is important to me like my Buddha, lights that represent the elements, angels, I also have a stuffed "teddy" that my husband bought me when we visited Prague in 2014. Since I grew up with this show when I was a kid, I thought it was so sweet of him :)

Every once and a while my budgies will give me their long wing/tail feathers. I save them at my altar.
I also use my Osho Tarot as card of the day, I burn scent sticks.

I always had an altar, from I was a little girl without knowing it was an altar. Let me ask you - What is an altar to you? What does it mean to to you? How would it look like? What would you put on it?
Like I said I am putting things that are important to me. The reason I ask is because my mom used to put out things that was important to her, it could be things she bought, birtday presents or it could be the mutant shaped clay ashtray we used to make in the 1st - 3rd grade at school. Would you concider that as an altar? I would say yes.

I will end this blog when my husband found my altar :)  
I was talking to my husband and he asked where I wanted this item (i don't remember what it was) and I replied just put it on my altar for now and he looked at me so surprised. Do you have an altar? Where? Since when? I had a giggle and I showed him. Is that an altar? How about that... My husband and I have been together for five years and he haven't noticed it. I explained it to him I always had a altar of some sort without knowing it was an altar. Then he says: hmmm, funny age :) When I try to explain to him my latest project and/or interest and he doesn't "care" about or don't understand. he goes: hmmm, funny age (not in a mean way:) )

Blessed be,


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