torsdag 10. november 2016

Review of the Fairy Tales by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch

Hello lovely ones,

How is everone? I hope you are doing great this Thursday/Friday.

I got some happy mail this week and I got Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch.
The Lenormand comes in a super cute tin box and it will be great if I bring the cards with me without be worring if the box will hold up. Tin boxes is always a big plus. At home I don't keep the Tarot decks in their boxes, but in pouches :)

It also comes with the little white book :) But this is way better than many little books out there. This booklet has 125-ish pages with information.
The foreword is written by Donnaleigh de LaRose who is a international tarot & Oracle teacher.
With each card you get keywords + where you find the card in the playing cards. And you get a little history with each cards. In the back you will you will have 4 example spreads.
The back of these cards are beautiful and the colours is a bit off because of the light and the camera. The cards is a bit thin, but not it is not too floppy. on the other side it is very bendable.
I would prefer it was slightly thicker, hey is just me :)
The color of the borders are the same on both sides..thankfully. I must say the eye have been on the details.
If you prefer smaller cards, these cards are perferct

The art is paintings and it is so beautiful.These cards are so detailed, but yet it is not to busy. The message in this deck really come through.
It can be difficult not to go into the tarot trap. In Lenormand is the message short and precise while in tarot you can go on and on and on for minutes. Another plus is that these cards is not collaged by a computer like many cards out there.

 A wonderful surprise as that L.Hunt did was to put in two extra cards, an extra man an extra woman.
I have missing this for my other Lenormand cards because I have given questions if there are another man/woman in their relationship. I think this gives more accurate reading.

I haven't worked with yet, but I can't wait till I do. I am doing a weekly series soon so I will be working with these and other oracle cards.

Blessed be


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