mandag 21. november 2016

Pagan Challenge week 4 - Your take on wheel of the year

Hello and merry meet,
How are you and I hope you are doing fine as we are heading towards December and yule/Christmas

This week question is my take on the wheel of the year and my take on it.

I always noticed the change of the seasons and I have always celebrated the christian holidays - I still do that, but I changed the names back to the pagan names.

I am a Norwegian pagan and what I can gather we celebrated summer solstice that isn't a christian  holiday.

Yule is my first sabbath and I am a bit iffy... Let me explain, I am the only pagan in my family and yule is 20th to 23rd of December and rest of the family celebrate Christmas and it is from 23rd till 27th of Christmas... On the other hand I am like "woohoo - extra celebration days" *fist bump*

When I came out of broom closet to my husband I said he wouldn't notice a whole lot of difference, better food at the sabbaths, the house will be decorated seasonly and honouring to the sabbaths. When it comes to my blessings, meditations, rituals and all the good stuff he will not see that - a) He don't want to see that (he is a christian, but he is very ok with me being a pagan ;) ) b) I don't let him see my rituals because it is very personal to me unless he is genuin interesting to learn more about paganism that he already knows.

I think I leave it here so far and I will come back when I come to each sabbaths :)

Blessed be and merry see


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