mandag 20. februar 2017

Daily tarotscope for Monday 20th of February 2017

Hello Lovely ones and merry meet:)

I'm baaaaaaack and I had to take some time off from the blogging because I felt so burned out after the New Year... I had the YT Pagan challenge (Which I adapted to Blog Pagan Challenge), Ethony's January tarot Challenge - which I took January 2016 in December - Plus lifetime shit happend at top of that. Yeah, Life is great :)

So, How are you doing and I hope you are doing alright in these days. Do see any of you se difference as we entering the spring. The days starting to get longer and sun is starting to warm up the earth so the flowers can come through. I longing for the days and evenings we (my hubby and I) can sit outside and enjoy the sunsets :)

Anywhooooo, I am back and I want to change my blog a little so I want to give you a general small free daily readings so I want to say like I say every single time:  Take with what speaks to you and leave the rest :)

I draw three cards and top card is the main energy of the day, the left one is the help card and the one on the right side is your hinder card. This week I am using the Illuminati tarot by Erik C. Dunne. If some one want a review of this deck please let me know and I will do that for you.

This week starts with a lot of energy for many of you and I noticed it is only Major Arcana cards today. It has a lot energy and maybe a lot emotions.

Your main card for today is The High Priestess and you  goes within to find the answers/wisdom you are seeking. Others may see it as you don't have a opinion and you don't do anything about the matter, but the truth is that you choose to be silent and you trust your intuition. You are thinking about how you want to adress this... It is your matter, your way and your rules how you want to deal with it.

Your help card is the World and it means that you will fullfill your goals, your cycle will come to an end so you can start on your new cycle.
Your hinder card is Judgement and your cycle will be delayed and you are taking more time than you wanted or liked to, but you will get there. Is there a lesson/lessons you haven't learned? Did you take some short cuts that worked against you? Is there something you could do differently?
I leave you herefor now I will be back tomorrow for the Tuesdays draw :)
I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Love and merry see,


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