tirsdag 21. februar 2017

Daily tarotscope for Tuesday 21st of February 2017

Hello darlings and merry meet,

Welcome back to my daily draw for this lovely Tuesday :)
How are you all doing and I hope you are doing great. Just a week left of this month and o'boy this time went by so fast.

For this reading take what speaks to you and leave the rest
Your main energy for the day is 9 of Pentacles and you can start to enjoy your fruit of labour whether if you work from home or if you have a work space outside from home.Maybe you are a self employed and built you business from nothing or you may be a stay home mon/dad and you have raised your kids to young adults and it is their time to spread their wings

Your helping card is that because you have been patient, taking your time and paid attention to details. Although it haven't always been easy peasy, but you have been hanging on and you have kept on going and you did your best.

Your hinder card can cause some obstacles if you seperate work and personal life. The result may be it can set you some time and there will be a delay. Although it is a postive to show emotions to your work, but if you show too much emotions it can be a little demaging - it will cost more than it taste.
What makes you feel like this? Is it someone else who make you feel like this?


This was this daily draw for today and I wish you have a great day, I will back tomorrow with Wednesday daily draw,

Love and merry see,


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