mandag 31. oktober 2016

Pagan Challenge week 1 - How did I find my path


Happy Samhain/All Hollows Eve/ Halloween everybody. We can soon say goodbye to October say hello to November.

I know I am very late to the party... again :) I want to participate in the Pagan Challenge, It is really an YouTube challenge, but I want to do my take on it through my blog :)
This YouTube challenge was started by Annika AKA The Sea Priestess on YouTube and you can find her vlog here

So week 1 is: How did you find your path?

I can't pinpoint something and say that this when I was find my path. From a young age I always had a feeling of not fitting in and I was always searching for something without knowing what I was searching for. I think it alwys have been a lifelong process.
I was brought up in a non religious household. We went to church only when it was a wedding, confirmation, baptism, funerals and such.. So we didn't go to church all that often ;)

When I think back I always had an altar without knowing it an altar. I had candles and things that was important to me. I used to bring back home things I found on my walks, like seashells, funny shaped rocks, I pressed flowers into my diaries, pine cones at fall. Picking snowdrop flowers soon as they popped up in the spring. One thing I noticed when I saw one of the Mandy See's videos and she was talking about that when you are young and blowing out the birthday candles while making a wish.. you are doing a fire spell - I thought that make sense. It is a lot of these small things we do that we connect to witchcraft.

I did have christianity lessons at school, but I never felt like it is right thing for me although there was/and still is elements that make sense to me. These elements are not enough for me that I say that I'm a Christian.
I am NOT bashing Christianity or any other religion because I pick and choose from all religions that I like and leave the things that doesn't work for me.

I have always find the subject witches, spells, blessing, altar and the elements and all in the between very interesting. As the time goes by this subjects hits the TV like Sabrina, charmed, Merlin, Witches of the East End just to name some few shows.

When the internet came along it became easier to find information, you could find other people that same views as you + you could learn from each other
In my case I don't know any other people in my town that are Pagan/wicca/witches.. I wish it were (I bet are some, but I don't know them and don't where to find them - We blend in so perfectly :) )

This was my answer for Pagan challenge week 1 and I wish you a wonderful All Hollows Eve

Blessed be,


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