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Hello my peeps :)

I realized that I had deleted this post few months ago while I was cleaning my blog drafts.. So, for a little summerize. These questions is from Avalon's Spiritual Odyssey
Please pay her a visit on her YouTube channel and if you are into Tarot and all that.. Worth the visit :)

Here is my answers to the questions

1. What initially drew you to Tarot and how old were you?
- When I was a young girl a cousin of mine had a friend who had visited a tarot reader and I don't know the reading was, but I was told that the tarot reader said to this man at the end: you will not see your 25th birthday. This man died in a car crash on this 25th birthday. I remember that I thought: wow, how exciting... (I felt bad about the man who lost his life), can she see that from the cards? What else can she see? I want to learn to do that.
- I have always been drawn to the unknown, mysthical things, occult if you like.

2. When did you acquire your first personal tarot deck?

- The first time I got my first tarot deck when I was 22-ish. It was just ordinary no-brand tarot deck that came along the book "Tarot" by Jane Lyle.

3.Are you a fan of the RWS or Thoth Systems?

- To be completely honest? RWS. I have never owned a Thoth deck, but it is on my wish list. I do not do readings with RWS very well for some strange reasons. But when I bought the Sharman-Caselli deck it finally clicked. I have found my go-to-deck.

4. What type of Tarot reader are you?

- I am a type of a reader who try to inspire with my readings. I don't say something that can be disturbing to  others, like the reader who told her client that he would not be older than 25. I will not ever do that because it is disrespectful toward the client.

5. Do you use Tarot for Pathworking, Meditation, Manifestation etc


6. Do you do Daily Draws

- Sometimes I get in a roll where I do daily draws for a week or two, then I don't do for a while. It goes in circles.

7. Do you utilize a Tarot Journal and if so what are the benefits of a Tarot journal in you opinion?

- Yes, I have started to do a tarot journal. It helps me to see where I need to get better and when I flip back I can see the spread with new eyes and also give myself a better reading than the first one. When I do that I will write in a side note. I also write my daily draws (when I do them), but I often forget to check end of the day/week.

8. Would you consider yourself a Tarot collector or do you stay true to one or two decks only.

- I see myself a tarot collector. There are so many beautiful decks, but I do buy a deck every once awhile.

9. How do you bond with a deck?

- When I get a deck I study them and admire them to pieces without laying any spreads..I don't work with them at all. Then I put them away till they are calling me. Take my Grimoire deck for instance, I had it since January and it hasn't called me yet.. it may or it may not.

10. Do you cleans, bless, empower etc your decks?

- I haven't done that with my cards yet. 

11. Do you adhere to any tarot superstitions

-   I don't remove cards from my decks because I believe they are in the deck for a reason and I do read the if they come out reversed.

12. Do you integrate Significator cards into you readings?

- I usually don't do that, but if the client prefer that I will leave that in.

13. Do you prefer to use spreads or do you read free form?

-  I use spreads because I am not good at free form my readings.

14. What is your Tarot Birth card?

- My Tarot Birth card is the Devil

15. What is your favorite Tarot card

- It was difficult because I don't have only one favorite. I love the Strength, the Hermit, nine of cups and the ten of cups. I finds it strange since "my cards" are the Pentacles.

16.What deck are you currently working with a present? 

- I am now working with Chrysalis Tarot deck

17. What is your favorite Tarot deck in this moment in time

- In this time I love the Sharman-Caselli.

18. What is your least favorite Tarot deck

- The Grimoire Tarot deck and that is because they haven't called me yet.

19. What is your cheekiest deck

- I don't have a cheeky tarot deck.

20. Do you own any self published decks

- The tarot decks that I can think of is Doreen Virtue's Angels Tarot deck and healing with Faeries oracle Deck

21. What is your Tarot pet peeve?

- That has to be when I tell people that I do, they want a reading right there and then... especially if I not ready or prepared for it. 
- Especially when people expect a free readings from strangers (okay, I do free readings close family and close friends).

22. Do you believe that you can give yourself an accurate reading on a matter your are heavily invested in?

- Yes and no. I find it very difficult to give myself an accurate reading period. I have no problems to that to other people. Three card spread I can do, when it comes to bigger spreads like the Celtic Cross or the 6 months spreads - no

23. Have you studied Numerology, Kabbalah, Astrology as part of you Tarot studies?

- I have been reading about that without really study the topics, but I will do it some time in the future

24. What are your opinions on Tarot and divination

25. Have you ever lost or damaged a Tarot deck?

- Yes, I was starting to lose few cards from my very first deck, then I started to punch holes and put them in my filofaxes :)
- My most recent deck.. I have misplaced three cards from  my Chrysalis Tarot Deck

26. Have you ever inspired another to want to learn Tarot

- I have a bestie who find this very interesting, but don't want to invest in a deck... Her Birthday is coming up in August ;)

27. Do you use Tarot in conjunction with any other esoteric/divinatory tools

- I do use pendeleums and I do runes

28. What is a personally Tarot No No, something that crosses the boundaries of your personal code of Ethics?

-I have few code of ethics:
  • I don't read for anyone who is under the age of 18
  • I am NOT a psychic so I can't communicate with those who has crossed over.
  • I don't predict the future
  • I do not answer specific questions about matters of the law, financial issues or health queries.
  • I don't read on behalf of someone else that is not aware of it.
  • If I do face-to face reading I expect the client NOT to be under the influence of alcohol/pills/other drugs
  • If I feel a person is more up for an arguement than a reading, I'll stop the process and give back the money - My life and my time is too valuable so I want to give reading for those who want a reading and guidence.
29. If you could give one piece of Tarot advice to another, perhaps a beginner, what would it be?
- Put off time to learn the cards like you would studying for a class/test or schedule it like it is a job. practice! practice! practice! If you thinking you would like to do this for a living, treat this like a job and apologize for it when you want money for the job because you don't run a charity!

Blessed be

Susann :)

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