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Why it is important to have a tarot jounal!

Hello lovely faeries :)

Today I want write about why it is important to have a tarot journal, I wish someone told me this when I discovered tarot. But then again, I love to journal so why I didn't connect the dots to create a tarot journal is beyond me ;)

So, you may be sitting there with your very first tarot deck and a book of tarot..You have card spread on the table and now read the meaning of the card and perhaps flipping pages back and forth like crazy and confused.
We all have been there, so it is now the journal comes in handy.

It can be a cheap one or you can go all the way and spend some money on a more expensive one. Me? I took a four ring binder from my book shelf, bought couple packs of dividers and I use the papers from my old notepads and now I am ready to go.
I tried to have a notebook for this, but I could not decide how I would set it up.
I was setting up my binder at the same time i was witing this blog post and my binder grew and grew - I found out I was writing a lot of topics here...

This is how I set up mine:

1st divider - Tips & advice
I put in tips and advice I found on internet in general, pinterest, facebook, it's like a cheat sheet.

2nd divider -  Layout & spreads
In this divider I put the speads I find on Pinterest, books and those I create myself.

3rd divider - 10th divider
I write down the meaning of the cards so I have them all in one place in case I misplace my book. Is it a lot a work? yes, but I want to do it since it helps me to understand the cards and remember the meaning of the cards
Here I put the meaning of lenormand, maya oracle cards, Doreen Virtue's Healing with the faeries Orcle deck, Shaman's Oracle

11th divider - Crystals
I have written down the meaning of some cystals that I have on my wishlist.

12th - 19th divider -
I don't  have anything in these tabs yet.

19th divider - Tarot spread diary I have a "tarot diary" about my readings, I am not showing this since I want keep this section private for private reasons.

20th divider - Misc
Under this divider I have alot of different stuff that doesn't go anywhere else. So far i only have a wishlist of tarot decks/oracle decks, crystals, incence, books and the goes on and on :)
Couple of month ago I got another tarot journal, a smaller one since it can b a bit much to carry this big ass binder around. I never connected with it in the same way that I have done with the smaller notebook.

This is kind of "dear diary" kind of book towards tarot journal... In this I can be so personal or so little personal I want to be. In this book I write down the spread I use, What deck I use and I draw the spread. I sometimes write down the weekly 'tarotscope' from other YouTubers like Tarot by Arwen and New age hipster.

What I do is I write down the cards and the meaning of the cards. My intension with this is that I will write down keywords during the week and check in the end of the week how it went.

I find this very helpful because I can go back and see how my reading was and what I can improve if I have another /better conclusion of the reading I write down as a sidenote and with a different color.

I also found out it would be great if I had a portable version of the binder so I created a smaller one. I took one of my midoris and I put in five booklets.
Book 1 has tips, advice, bits & bobs about how read the cards easiest way, routines when it comes to readings and such.
Book 2 have the meaning of the symbols, moon phases,
In my book 3 I have the meaning of the tarot cards, oracle cards
Book 4 contains tarot spreads and questions an all that jazz :)
The last book have all the info I gather about my business 'Tarot By Susann'

Blessed be

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