torsdag 22. desember 2016

Year ahead 2017 - Challenge

Hello you all and merry meet,

I wanted to join in onPatrick's (in the78cards) challenge.
You lay out 12 cards which is representing 12 month in the year and you place 13th card in the center and that will be the main energy throughout of 2017.
The idea behind this is that you are working with the first card in the first month along with the center card. The second card with the center card on the second month... and so on, you get the idea.
 From what I gather from this, this is all about working, exploring, find a deeper meaning and so on.

This challenge is originally is over at Instagram at #yearahdead2017, but it is also up to you how open you want to be or how private you want to be. If you want to just look at the photos and like the photo, but participate private in you own journal.. why not? It is is totally up to you :)

Some starts at January and their wheel is from January to December while others take it from their Birthday and let it go till next Birthday. It is up to you how you want to do this.

If I starting on my Birthday or if I waits till January, it will be the same thing since my Birthday is on New Years Eve :)
My take on it is that I wanted to use a Oracle deck each month as well.
It is going to be a very interesting year because I will be working a lot with wands next year...

I think I start on the 1st on every month and I give my meaning of the cards + I will come back with an up date on the 15th and a final update when I begin a new month.

I will show my monthly cards and I will blog a bit about this without going into too much details. I think this will be fun and very interesting :)

Blessed be and merry see,


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