torsdag 23. februar 2017

Daily tarotscope for Thursday 23rd of February 2017

HelloStar Children and merry meet,

How are you doing in these days and I hope yoy are doing great.

Your main energy - The Hermit - You need to take some time off and be alone, just you or alone with your familly.
Your main energy - The Hermit - is teling to take a step back and be a solitary for a while, take your time to "do your homework" and by that I mean go within yourself and all of your answers are there wether you know it or not.
Others will turn to you as their mentor or for some wisdom and they want your words and advice.

Your helping card - The Judgement - you will "wake up" and you see your truth and it will help you to take your choice(s). What happend in the past is in the past and there are not much you can do about it. But you can prevent the history to repeat itself.
This card can also mean literally judgement and you can reconize it and step back because then you will know who to trust or who's your friends

Your hinder card - 4 of Swords - It makes you step down for a minute and it make you take a rest although you don't feel it is neccessary or you don't have the time. Sometimes you will be asked to take a rest.
You may lost this fight, but you haven't lost the war... it is just a small setback. Take this time and recharge your batteries and come fresh, rested, charged and you'll kick ass :)


Love and merry see,


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