søndag 26. februar 2017

Sweet buns and quinquagesima sunday

Hello sweet buns and merry meet :)

How are you all doing? I hope you are all right on this day. It is two things that are happening today and that is quinquagesima sunday and it is a new moon:)

 My husband and I was discussing quinquagesima sunday and we couldn't agree if this was a Christian Celebration or a Pagan Celebration. So we more of less agreed we could share this one :)

 The Church
Today is quinquagesima sunday - In Norwegian we say Fastelavn- which means it is 40 days before Easter and it was 40 days of Lent. (the Sundays is not inclueded)
They celebrated the Lent for four days, quinquagesima sunday, Blue Monday, White Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Sorry if I didn't get the right names for Tuesday and Wednesday, but I went with my translation.

The Pagan
Back in the good old pagan days this was a spring party - it marked the transition from winter to spring. One of the best kept traditions of the day is the Birch twigs. The Birch twigs was used as a "fertility-tool", The dirt before the plow, trees, animals and the women of the family got to feel the brich twigs.

Other traditions was carneval, wheapon fights, have ritual bonfires and they hooked naked virgins in front of the plow.

The day care centers of today have carneval and February is the big month. They play dress up and it is a lot of princes and princesses + pirates and firemen and police men. And will enjoy their quinquagesima buns :)

I remember my mom used to buy the birch twigs with colorful feathers and I am not quite sure why and when they started to attached feathers to the birch.

Another tradition is we eat buns on this day with whipped cream and strawberry jam and it is sooo good. I used to buy store bought buns for years, but not this year.. I will make my sweet buns and enjoy all that goes with it :)

Love and merry see,


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