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Questions you may have when you start with tarot..

I found these questions on a Norwegian website and also I had someone ask me similar questions, so I wanted to answer them because I am sure someone may wonders on these questions.

1) How do you teach yourself to read tarot?
- There no right or wrong answer this question, but there are few tips you can do to make it a bit easier. Here is a tip I picked up by Arwen Lynch, who is tarot by Arwen on youtube
  •  You could shuffle the cards and draw one card and look at it and put it away for now and go on with your day and pay attentions to the details throughout the day, when the evening comes you can take the card again and read the meaning of the card from the booklet that came along the tarot deck or if you bought/borrowed a more indepted book you can read the meaning.
  • If you meditate, you can draw a card meditate over it or you can put it under your pillow and sleep on it.
  • you can have a tarot journal (this is a blogpost I plan to do) and write YOUR description of the card. Your description is not necessarily same as mine and the other way around. A great tip is when you have a description from a card and please stick with it because you have a one description one day and another one the next day, it makes learning a bit harder and more difficult + it gives you more work (I have been there and done that )
2) Is it wrong to learn tarot by reading books?
- No! If you learn better that way so why not and you can read several books so you can see different authors interpretations and you can find your own.

3) Should I cleanse my cards before I use them?
- yes, I would recommend you to do so because I believe the tarot deck has your energy and you have the energy from the tarot deck. 

How you cleanse your deck is up to you, you can meditate while you shuffling, you can have a crystal stone or pendeleum (if you are into crystals) on top of your deck. you can energize your cards by sunlight and/or moonlight. There are many ways you can do this topic if you take a google search :) 

Another question is when to cleanse the decks and you would know when to cleanse them, but a few tips will be
  • When you get a new/used deck (espesially if you have a used deck because it may have previous owners energy to them)
  • When you accidental drop the deck or few of the cards on the floor
  • If you had a reading and you had a "difficult" client
  • If you have a lot of negative energy in your life
  • If you haven't used them in a awhile
  • If you had a draining tarot reading
  • if you just want to reconnect with your cards
4) How do I know if a card is positive/negative if all of the cards is the same way?
- As the time goes by and you learn the meaning of these cards, you will know the cards energy. 

5) How do I know when I use my intuistion or if this is only wish thinking?
Like the answer above so 

6) Is it possible too hung up in these cards?
-I don't believe so since you are aware of this question.

7) No one understand why I do tarot and like I am not normal.
- I can relate to you on this, there is not many people who know that I can read tarot. The reason is because I don't want to answer why I do it, I don't want to feel I have to justify it. I told someone in my early twenties what I do, this a****le of a person told me that he had a sister-in-law and she did a tarot read once and she "lost her marbles". She had to have serious psychic help for years after that. The bitch in me almost came out said :"maybe she became nuts long before she picked up the tarot deck". Let say I didn't believe his story at all :)

8) Is it bad luck to do a tarot reading on yourself?
No, When you stating out with a tarot deck you need to practice and you need to get to know the cards + the cards have to get to know you. You don't starting out being great at tarot reading two seconds after picking up the deck ;)

9) Is it bad luck if my cards lands on the floor?
Bad luck, no, but you do need cleanse them all over again ;)

10) How does tarot works, since all I do is to draw radoms cards?
This is not a science, but there something special with the spiritual aura with these cards. It may be that the card drawing is just random or if you believe there is nothing like random things in this life.

11) Is it a bad thing to do a tarot reading on their selves too often
- No, the only thing that comes to my mind is that if you do to often the messages can be a bit confusing. An advice is to wait few days before you do the next reading, Not a must, but an advice.
A thumb rule can be that you don't do a tarot read on the same question before there have been a change in the situation.

12) Is it possible to use a deck that had a previous owner?
-Yes, just cleanse them and get to know them. Back in good and really old days, you are not supposed to buy youself a tarot deck. They are supposed to be given to you like a present.
  13) What does all the symbols on the tarot cards mean?
- The symbols means somthing, like clouds can mean confusions, rain can mean cleansing, cities can mean community, scale mean equality

14) Shall I put the cards back in order after I done a reading?
-That is entirely up to you. Me? I do put them back randomly and do couple of shufflings - do my shuffling routine when I am ready to use them again.

Like I said earlier in this blog post, there is no right or wrong answers, This/these tarot deck(s) you have - You do what you want with them because it is your decks and you do it you way.

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