tirsdag 27. desember 2016

Card of the year for 2017

hello you all and merry meet :)

As we are going into a new year and I like to find out what will be my card for 2017 :)
For this you use only the major arcana

For calculating this you need your birthday and the year you want to find your card

For this example we are using my Birthday :)

My Birthday is 31.12, so we add these numbers 31+12=43
Then you add the year 43+2017=2060
At the end you sum up these digits 2+0+6+0=8
So my card of the year in 2017 is Strength

There are couple thing would be great to have in mind when you do this.
First the Fool has no numbers so he get 22
Second, if you a number 23 or above you will need to sum up the digits once again :)

I don't know what deck this card is from, if you know let me know so I can credit the artist and author

Blessed be and merry see,


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