torsdag 15. desember 2016

What can you use tarot for?

Hello honey pops and merry meet :)

 I have gotten this question a few times now and that is: What do you use tarot cards for?
There are a lot ways you can use tarot for, I just wanted to make a blog post on it :)

You can use it as a tool for personal exploration/self knowledge
-If you are struggle with an issue you can lie down some cards and it can show you what a logical/good step to do next.

You can use it in rituals
- If you have a curtain routine/ritual you do in the morning. For instance you get up, shower/bath, quiet time with a cup of tea or coffee before the bunch is up. You can draw a few cards, burn som incense...enjoy this quiet time and alone time. 

You can use it for underdstand the past, now and the future
-Is there some things that is repeating in your life? I believe that everything happends for a reason even those event of life that is unfair..even you want to scream to the world:" suck on a rotten egg, world"
Lie down three cards, you will get your answer on why from the past..and the future will show you what to do to stop this and what you need to do to change it.

You can use it as a problem solving.
-You may have a problem that is on your mind, you can draw some cards and let them guide you.

You can use it to clarify your goals
- You may some idea on what your goals are, but can't say exactly what the goals are. Tarot cards can help you to break it down and put it in to perspective. Maybe you can come up with some additional goals.

I can help you to understand your dreams
-If you have a dream over and over, but have no idea why or you want to find out what it means.
Write down your dreams in a dream book, you can use a dream spread and investigate on why this is happening.

You can incorporate this in your journaling/art
-You may let loose and feel creative. splash down some paint and glitter, draw, collages, cut, glue and paste.. your book and yor rules. go to town with the ideas.

You can use it on a daily basis
- draw a card or three for the day and it can help you to pay attention toward the day or a full on spread

If you are a writer, you can use it to develope you charachers, plots and the story in general.
- If you are a writer or you have plans to be a publishing writer you can draw cards to your story line, build the charachters around some cards.

You can use it personal affirmations
- daw a daily oracle cards for youself every day when you get up in the morning, you can meditate on them or sleep with the card(s)

You can use it to access/develope your psychic powes and abilities
- I believe that everyone is a psychic, some people are more in tune with their powers than others. Everyone has a gut feeling and if you are in situation you are not comfortable and your gut screams: "hell no". Trust that feeling!

Blessed be and merry see,


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