tirsdag 31. januar 2017

Weekly tarot week 1 - 30th of January to the 5th of February2017

Hello beautiful souls and merry meet,

So, January is almost gone and we are getting closer to February... I have said this in so many blogpost how great the nature are awakening and starts to bloom, the days are getting longer and weather is getting warmer - hopefully sunnier as well.

I want to get back at readings and I have't done that for a long time. So I wanted do a weekly tarotscope, I may have a new moon spreads, full moon spreads and so on, but I don't want to commit 100% because I may fall off the blog wagon every once a while and I have so many plans on what I want to blog about. The result will be that I feel overwhelmed and I get nothing done.

Let give this a try:) This week I will use my most recent deck and I bought right before Yule like a Christmas presten and Birthday present for myself. It is the Illuminati tarot deck by Erik C. Dunne. I will do a review of this in a later blogpost...

As always take with you what speaks to you and leave the rest.

[The Empress]This week is for creativity, creation and creating something new and it will go your way.
You are passionate at work and you may experience people will listen to you and/or take your ideas to another level. Your creativity may come across as iniative and a result can be a promotion or a raise.
 The finance may get better because you have to find new ways to come up with the money. It can be a good idea to put some away for rainy days.
Love is in the air, if you are single you may find love soon and it may be in places that you never thought before. If you are in a relationship already you may experience that your flame is returning.

Whatever you do will carry fruits as long as you remember to water and nuture the soil on your side of the fence.

[The Hermit] What can be at help for you is knowledge and wisdom. The Hermit also stands for rest, being able to retreat so you can charge you batteries if you need to. You must trust yourself and let the mind guide you to the place where you need to be. This is the card for guidance within.

Knowledge is everything and knowledge is power.

Remember to take a rest every once and a while so you don't get a burnout because you can't be creative and produce new things for yourself or others if you are forced to take a break and have a rest.

[The High Priestess - Reversed] You may have difficulties to take a rest because you "ignore" the little voice in the head to slow down and take things slower. Many of us are "good girls & good boys" because we do a lot more what is expected of us and we want to please those who are important to us. We do things because we think this is expected of us and we will feel bad if we don't come through for others.

Listen to the little voice more often because it will serve you better in the long run.

This was the a short and sweet tarot spread for this week :)

Blessed bee and merry see,


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