mandag 22. januar 2018

Day 19 - Share which tarot decks gives you heebie jeebies? 31 days of tarot

Hello sweetpeas and merry meet,

Yay, I am back online.
How are you guys and I hope you are ok :) I must play catch up today since I had no internet for a few days and some health issues again...

So let dive into the  31 days of Tarot hosted by Ethony.

Today I will show you what deck that give me the heebie jeebies : Dark Grimoire Tarot

Let me tell you a bit of this tarot deck, I was on the hunt for a more halloweenie type of deck.. I found this on Ebay and thought yeah...

First of all, it took 6 to 7 weeks from order date and it came to my mailbox..
Second, it is on russian although in the add it said it was in English.
Third, after I looked at the cards, my first thought was... no, no, no.. this will not work.
Fourth, It didn't came with the little white book.. It had a two or three pages and of course in Russian..

I don't know why and what, but no... I don't like the deck and this deck doesn't like me

Blessed it be and merry see,

Love, Susann

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