mandag 22. januar 2018

Day 20 - What tarot myth you believed in and then stoped? 31 days of tarot

Hello moon stars and merry meet,

How are you doing in this sunny day, well I hope you have a sunny day where you are :) Here it is sunny and blue sky, but it is only -2 Degrees below. I must say that I am ready for warmer and longer days..

Today we are talking about tarot myths I believed in and then stoped. I haven't worked so much with my cards in 2017, but if we take my tarot journey in a whole...
I thought for years that I couldn't learn tarot because I had a deck that I couldn't connect with.. I wrote about this in a earlier blog post as well in my profile :)

Today I wish I knew what I know today, but hey... You live and learn as long as you live :)

Blessed be and merry see,

Love Susann

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