tirsdag 9. januar 2018

Day 6 - The deck you finally crossed off your wish list - 31 days of Tarot

Hello beautyful souls and merry meet,

How are you guys? I hope everything is well and kicking..
I fell a bit behind due to my health and suddenly we had a storm last weekend, I am back and ready to finish the challenge.

Today is about the deck I could finally cross off my wishlist in 2017.
And that is a difficult one and easy at the same time because I only bought five decks in 2017. If I have to pick one out the I bought? It has to be Triple Goddess tarot by Jaymi Elford.

I saw the interview that Arwen Lynch did with J.Elford and I knew that I need that deck. I knew I would love it, but I did't know how much.

The best thing about it is there are NO BORDERS :) I don't hate decks that has borders then again I am not a fan of them. I can't cut my decks either because I won't be able to cut them evenly so I leave them be.

A tarot deck is a two part deck, major and a minor arcana, but what J.Elford did was a genius move. She "split" the major arcana in three part - maid/mother/ Crone.
The first seven cards is about your journey and your start on life, before kids and minor responsibility and etc. The cards from 8-14 is when you hit mother - The family and kids comes along, you have your work and all the good stuff. The last sections is about crone, the cards from 15 to 21, you are now an elderly, with grandkids and it is time to let the younger generation come forward and do their business.

Well, Blessed be and merry see

Love Susann

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