fredag 5. januar 2018

Day 5 - The card that stalked you the most in 2017 - 31 days of Tarot

Hello everyone and merry meet,

How are you? Well into the first week of 2018 and it has went by so fast, hasn't it?
Let us hope that January goes by fast - For me January is one of the darkest months of the year because the money from the holidays are "gone", nothing is happening in this month.

Today is about the card that stalked you at the most in 2017

I haven't any cards that followed me in 2017 and the reason for that is becase I haven't been working so much with the cards as I should.
One of the goals is that I will be working a lot more with them :)

Short and sweet blog today,

Blessed be and merry see

Love, Susann

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