mandag 12. februar 2018

Weekly card reading the 12th - 18th of February 2018

Hello sugarpops and merry meet
How are you doing in these days and I hope you are doing great :)

This week we have some wonderful things happening, first it is the new moon or dark moon if you will and that is on Thursday the 15th.  Around every 20 years there are no full moon in February, but there are two full moons in January and two full moons in March.
On Thursday it is also a partial solar eclipse, I hope we are able to see it here in norway, but those who are living in the south in South America, Pacific, Atlantic and the Arctic will have the best view.

On Friday it is the Chinese New Year. Happy new Year for you who are celebrating this holiday and I hope you have a peaceful celebration.
This year we enter the year of the dog and the element is earth so I wouldn't be surprised it will be a lot of situations that is related to the element earth coming through 2018 and till 4th of Febuary 2019

I draw three cards. The first card is the beginning of the week, the second is mid week and the third is the weekend.
This week  I am using the Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield
As always take what apply to you and leave the rest

Prosperity - "You have the ability to manifest prosperity into your daily life"
In the beginning of the week you may want to seek your spirituality and your truth. I know it can be easy to forget the daily blessings you get from the universe. This is the abundance card and it mean that your are responsible for your own success, but not in the way that are getting more and more rich, moneywise.
If you want to get something out of life it is up to you to do the work.. We all know that nothing come easy or free. Although youy set the intentions into the universe, it doesn't mean that you can lay back and waiting on a knock at the door.
Due to the new moon/dark moon on Thursday you can write out your intentions in a journal, you can draw your intentions.. Remember that we humans are creative beings. Or you can create a vision board... hang up positive affirmations, photos, what is it that you want out of life?
New moon is for new beginnings, new travels (not neccesary physical travel - it may as well mean spiritual journey), new friendships/relationships - or nenewal the one you have.

Achievement - "You are surrounded by abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance"
What you give out to the universe is what you are getting back. Be careful what words you are using when you are speaking of yourself and others. If you are asked on how you are doing and if you starts by I have pain and there - I am so depressed and I could have better days.... Vision the universe being a boomerang..  What you send out will turn around and hit you right back.
First step to change your inner voice is to speak of yourself more positive way. So you are asked how are you doing say like you are in a phase that will be over soon and things like that. Be thankful that you wake up every day and remember that every day is a day where you create new memories, have an opportunities to create new beginning and new endings. Your life is a book and you are the writer - where events/situations is chapters. Although you can't change the past, but you can always change the future.

Acceptance - there is great freedom in accepting things as they are
The message in this weekend is accept what you can't change and change what you can't accept.
You can't move on with your life until you accept the circumstances.
For example you can find out that one of your friends has gone behind your back and betrayed your trust. Okey, now what? You must accept or understand that you can't change your friend's attitude towards you, but you can change the friendship with her/him by ending it
This friend betrayel don't effect you in the universe, but it effect your friend 100% because the boomerang will turn around ;)
This is the time to get rid on what is not working for you and take in what actually does work.

Till next time, blessed be and merry see :)

Love Susann

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