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10/31 - 31 Days of Tarot - What is the card that you don’t want to see pop up in a Tarot Reading? Why?

Hello sun kittens,

How are you all doing? I hope you are doing great.

Today's question is: What is the card that you don’t want to see pop up in a Tarot Reading? Why?
For this I used Sharman-Caselli tarot deck and I see this in two ways.. What I end up with depend of course the the other cards that are around.

8 of Wands
In this cards you might se it to ways. In one way you are fighting your battle and whatever you do and however you protect yourself, you get a lot of shit in return and you are attacked from a lot of places.

In the other way you can see this as you are battling your "war" and you are not sure where you are attacked from so you shoots, but you are not looking where to aim. You shoot out a lot of stuff and hope for the best it sticks to someone or somewhere.

9 of Wands
In one way may see this cards and you have a wall that you are trying to break through. It can mean someone who put that wall up for keeping you out. You are trying to do what you can do to overcome your obstacles without success.

In the other way you can put up a wall to keep everyone out and that can be because you don't to show anyone your dirty laundry or you don't know how to to tear down the wall, you don't want to because it feel safe and you don't know other way.

7 of wands
In this card it can be that you are battling in many aspect of your life and you may not know what issue to deal with first. You don't always see where next battlig coming from and it may feel that you stump on fire as they comes up.

On the other hand it can mean that you have to handle to many projects and you may have taken water over your head. You have a hard to time to say no and you want to please everybody, so till the end you burn out yourself.

5 of Pentacles
It can be that you feel you are left out in the cold and your money don't strech till everything you need them to.

In the other hand others is pointing out what they think you may can afford to use money on or not. It can be a judgement call and push you further down.

Blessed be and merry see,


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