mandag 12. desember 2016

12 and 13/31 - 31 Days of Tarot Blog - What is your go to Tarot Spread right now? Extra points for sharing it. Do you create or modify tarot spread?

Hello snow drops and merry meet,
How are you doing in these Christmas time? I hope you all are doing well, 

Today's question is what is my current tarot spread that I am using.
The today's question and tomorrow is so similar so I decided I would anwer them in one post :) 

I am trying to modify the first half of the The Celctic Cross and I am not quite done with it.. some trying and errors still... like it should be :)

I don't know if there is a spread like this, but I got the idea from the tv-Show "Witches from East End" when I saw one of the character did this spread.I thought it looked interesting.

I don't know other tarot readers do this as well, but I have a tendency to collect tarot spreads. Oooohhh, that look interesting... and in my bok it goes:) If I see a tarot spread on YouTube, internet or pinterest

The second question is do I create or modify tarot spread?
Usually I modify tarot spreads, but I sometime create a tarot spread. So yes, I do both:)

Blessed be and merry see :)


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