lørdag 31. desember 2016

31/31 - 31 Days of Tarot blog - Do you practice any other forms of divination? If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more information and insight or as something separate entirely?

Hello moon children and merry meet,

I noticed when I wrote this blog post that I fucked up the questions with the dates... I am leave like it is and because it is too much work to change so late in the year :)

I do other forms for divinations like meditations, I use runes, I use oracle, I use pendeleums and I use crystals.

I like to meditate along with a tarot card and I use my Osho Tarot for that, I have startet my rune journey few months ago and I finds it very interesting, I have used oracle cards for nearly five years by now, I use penduleum every once and a while. I have just stared to use crystals

The last and final question of December 2016 :)

As always....Take what speaks to you and leave the rest:)

Pull some cards for January 2017 for yourself and share. 1 Energy in January. 2 Challenge in January. 3. Opportunity in January.

It istime to take a step back, take a time out and charge up the batteries. It may you feel this is what you need or maybe you have been told that this is what need/must do. Take care of your health because the health is the most important you have. If you don't take of yourself no one else will. Is it for couple of days to couple of weeks - only you know. After a hectic month of December a rest is not a bad a idea :) Spend it well, be selfish, think ME-time, it is important to have have a date night with yourself and you partner. If you can't take some days off, most of can't, lock yourself in the bathroom and have a spa day on your own. No matter what you do, just do something that makes you happy and relax.

Your challenges for January can lie in trusting and understanding - it can kick you in the butt. You must trust yourself and stand up for youself say: Bitch, I don't have time for this shit.
You have time off in January even it is a hour or three a day, You have the right to say no if you like...
As a tip: You can tell him/her: "I know this is important to you and this is not about you, but I can't be there for you right now. Please contact me again for a cup of coffee."
Opportunities for January is new chance to make more money, maybe you get a new job with a better pay, declutter your home so you sell or donate what you don't need.
You are good at knowing where to start so you can get the best result. this is you year and a natrual leader in a difficult times, this is your gift.
Have a open mind and you will get your opportunities of a lifetime :)

By that I will wish you a Happy New Year and I will see you in 2017 :)

Blessed be and merry see,


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