tirsdag 16. januar 2018

Day 14 - Share your favourite devination tool besides tarot - 31 days of tarot

Hello sweeties and merry meet,

How are you in these days and I hope you are having a great monday and thank you so much for visiting my blog

Today is the 14 question on Ethony's 31days of tarot and the question is what devinationtool you have other than Tarot...
I use oracle cards,
I have two sets of Runes that I made myself.

I had a lot of these decorative stones I use to have under tealights. What I did was clean them and painted the symbols on them with gold nail polish and my thinnest brush. I made two sets... one clear and one purple. 
I cleaned them again and charged them with the first fullmoon

Blessed be and merry see

Love, Susann

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